2018-02-07 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

God ‘don't’ like ugly!
by Terry Toole

The most needed change in our American government is not money, taxes, politics, or civil rights, but right to life.

The Democrats’ main platform after raising our taxes is to give some people the right to kill, especially kill babies. It seems that they make a good bit of money on body parts and lots of votes from mothers-to-be who don't want their babies.

If you want the two main reasons that those who are for abortion and taxing cannot stand to lose control of the courts, the congress and the executive branch of government, it is mainly to control votes and taxes. They really don't care what most of the citizens of these United States want. They will do anything to keep the citizens controlled, including killing those who don't think like they do.

Now, the Republicans are far from being what they ought to be, but they are so far above what the Democrats are, it seems like we have already died and gone to Heaven since they took over last year.

Somewhere I read, over 200,000 Christians did not vote in the last election. That in itself is sinful. If you don't think what the Democrats have done to this nation enough to vote against seemingly everything Satan is for, we might be getting what we deserve.

Think about it! God doesn't love ugly.

When was the last time that you heard a Democrat being against abortion at any stage of birth of a human being, or against taxing citizens for more than they can ever pay back?

Come to think about it, I hear four or five sermons each week, and we Christians don't seem to want to fight killing babies in their sermons.

Before blame for "legal abortion" (murdering the most defenseless humans on this earth) lets go back to where it started in the U.S.A. Back in 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in Roe vs. Wade that women had the right to seek abortions. The vote was 7-2 by the liberal court that had been appointed by the Democrats. Until then, women in the U.S.A. didn't have the right to kill their babies. The court ruled that a baby in a womb was not a human being, so killing it did not make the killer a murderer. In 1992, in a case Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the court ruled they could do most anything. It had gotten worse until a Republican president took office last year. That will change the ruling, maybe, where they can't cut up babies and sell the parts for billions. If the liberal judges are removed, die or retire during President Trump's tenure, the murder of babies just might change.

Planned Parenthood, the big abortion company, is having a hard time killing, cutting up and selling baby parts for billions of dollars. They think it is almost better than the ability to tax.

There is still a lot to do with the Supreme Court and all those human beings that do not believe how and where humans are created. Seems like God has been removed from our schools, homes, courts and governments for not having His law that we are not to murder His creation. Oh, He does in one of the Ten Commandments. That is the Ten that hang in the Supreme Court building.

People ask: How many babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade in the USA? The babies killed since 1973 that can be accounted for is a staggering 58 million. There is no way to get an accurate number of abortions. It is still illegal and unacceptable to most, so many are not reported.

Our government is willing to make illegal immigrants into legal citizens if they will vote right. A million or more votes will make a difference since many legal U.S. citizens do not exercise their right to vote. They don't believe that seven judges that are not elected can make illegal killing of babies legal, but we allow them to murder 58 million babies legally and taxpayers paying for much of the killing.

When the Final Judgment comes, they better hope the “unsupremes” were right!

Our Instruction Book says, "Judge Not!” We better hope HE is merciful to us all.

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