2018-12-05 / Public Safety



On Friday, November 23, 2018, Deputy Maxwell arrested Mylik Farmer of Tallahassee, Florida, for possession of marijuana.


On Friday, November 23, 2018, a complainant came to the Miller County Sheriff’s Office to file a report in reference to entering auto and burglary. Deputy Kirkland asked the complainant about the incident, and she explained that she was at her residence and she heard a noise outside. When she looked outside, she said she could see her ex-husband going through her vehicle.

The complainant stated that she opened the door and confronted her ex-husband and that she snatched her purse out of his hands and told him to leave her property. She went back inside, and after several minutes she heard a window open in the front room. At this point, the complainant stated that she started recording video with her phone, and she identified the subject and confronted him again. Deputy Kirkland observed this video.

This case is currently active.


On Saturday, November 24, 2018, Miller County Investigator Burns responded to a call at 1661 Phillipsburg Road. The call was in response to Theft of Motor Vehicle.

This case has been turned over to C.I.D. for further investigation.


On Saturday, November 24, 2018, Deputy Maxwell was dispatched to 839 Harmony Church Road in reference to a burglary.

Upon arrival, Deputy Maxwell made contact with Karen and Jonathan Widner. Mrs. Widner showed Deputy Maxwell to the back door, where the suspects gained entry. She also informed him that the TV was missing from the living room.

As Mr. Widner walked Deputy Maxwell through the house, he observed that every drawer had been rummaged through and left open. Deputy Maxwell observed what appeared to be fingerprints on one of the front doors of the residence.

Deputy Maxwell called for the on-call investigator to come to the residence and process the scene. This case has been turned over to C.I.D. for further investigation.



On Sunday, November 25, 2018, Deputy Josey was dispatched to Highway 27 South, to help a Georgia State Patrol unit with a traffic stop. Deputy Josey arrived on scene and spoke with Trooper Prince, who informed him that he had pulled the vehicle over for speeding, and that he’d arrested the driver for having a suspended license and an open container.

When Deputy Josey approached the vehicle, it had an overwhelming odor of marijuana surrounding it. When asked what else was found in the vehicle, Trooper Prince responded that there were two large sums of cash - one on the suspect and one in the center console of the truck. They’d also found a small amount of marijuana in the front passenger seat side door, two pill bottles containing various pills in the suspect’s clothes bags in the backseat.

Deputy Josey began taking pictures of the evidence and the vehicle, when he noticed a white, crystal-like substance in the change holder of the center console. After a field test was conducted, the substance tested positive for methamphetamine. It was photographed and collected. The evidence was then gathered up, documented, and taken to the Miller County C.I.D. evidence lockup. The suspect was taken to the jail, with pending warrants.

This case is still under investigation.


On Monday, November 26, Deputy Cobb responded to a call at 1757 Brinson Road, in reference to a robbery. Upon arrival, Deputy Cobb spoke with the homeowner, who advised that when they arrived at the residence, they discovered that the back door had been kicked in, and some items had been taken.

Investigator Burns arrived and processed the scene. This case has been turned over to investigations.


On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, Investigator Burns responded to a call about a motor vehicle accident on Kimbrel Road. James Doan was traveling south on Kimbrel Road, when a deer struck the front side of his vehicle. There were no injuries, and Doan’s vehicle had moderate damage. Doan was able to remove his vehicle from the scene.


On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, Deputy Clenney responded to GA HWY 39 South, in regards to a vehicle in the ditch.

Upon arrival, Deputy Clenney spoke with Michael Odom, of Thomasville, GA. Odom stated that while he was driving, he started to cough. When he looked up, it was too late, and the vehicle was in the ditch.



On Thursday, November 29, 2018, Deputy Clenney conducted a traffic stop on Akiva Druses’ vehicle, as there was a blown brake light. Upon further investigation, one arrest was made for marijuana possession.

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