2018-05-16 / School & Sports

MC Middle School Participates in Bridge Building Competition

Students placed first with model bridge. Students placed first with model bridge. Three students from Miller County Middle School participated in this years’ Southwest Georgia Model Bridge Building Contest. NASA and Chehaw Park in Albany sponsor this competition annually to support the interest of engineering in young minds. 8th Graders Haley Davis and Hailey Dykes placed 1st out of 19 bridges participating from area schools and teams. Their bridge had a mass of 28.1 grams (an ounce is 28.3 grams), and a breaking load of 6568.9 grams, approximately 14 and a half pounds. Alyssa Brock also entered a bridge with a mass of 26.6 grams and a breaking load of 4309.9 grams, approximately 9 and a half pounds. The structural efficiency of both Miller County teams was the highest school average participating enabling them to bring home this years’ Top Performing School Award as well! The students were awarded free entry into Chehaw Park in Albany and a pizza party by the middle school. Congratulations girls! A big thank you to Ms. Annie for being our driver and joining in on the celebration. Mrs. Joan Broxton is the sponsor for Model Bridge Building at Miller Middle School.

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