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New insurance rates may apply

by Terry Toole

Colquitt Fire Chief Craig Tully tells of possible insurance rate reduction. Colquitt Fire Chief Craig Tully tells of possible insurance rate reduction. Chief Craig Tully was the guest speaker at the Colquitt Lions Club on Wednesday February 21, 2018.

Tully thanked the members for the honor to be asked to address them. He stated he had three main items to discuss. The first item was to thank the members for their support in the effort to get an increase in the amount of money designated for the fire department from the new SPLOST referendum that will be voted on this year. Tully stated the money would primarily be used to purchase a new fire truck, the newest fire truck on the department is a 2003. The last two fire trucks that were purchased were used and were set up the way the original purchaser needed them. We need to be able to design a truck to handle the needs of Colquitt and Miller County. He told the group that Colquitt was beginning to see signs of growth which is a great thing, but the capability to protect lives and property must grow as well.

Fire Chief Tully then announced to the group that a tract of land has been obtained, and they were waiting on the legal work to be completed to begin construction of Fire Station #5. The firehouse will be located on US 27 North next to MSM meats. The plans and layout of the building have been completed. The personnel who will operate the station have been trained, and the equipment needed to put the station in operation is ready to go. “We hope to have the station up and operational in a few months, but it will definitely be operational in 2018. This station will help lower the insurance premiums for all residents who live within five miles of Station 5. With the completion of this station we will only like one part of Miller County to lower all the insurance rates which will be the northwest quadrant of the county,” the chief explained.

He then made known for the first time the fire department had recently completed an ISO survey and dropped from a class 6/9 to a Class 4/4y which isn’t too bad for a little small city and county in Southwest Georgia. This is an improvement of two classifications, and the new classification will become effective April 1, 2018, so he reminded everyone to check their insurance rates to make sure they are receiving credit. A formal announcement will be forthcoming in March with a lot more details and information.

Chief Tully did say that the fire department really needs more volunteers. They are presently at less than half of the recommended number of firefighters by ISO.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact one of our volunteers, it is one of the most rewarding experiences there is. We need anything from truck drivers to firefighters, and we need them bad.

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