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Up The Creek Without A Paddle

You haven't met Saban -
by Terry Toole

There is a saying that what you are doing when the New Year comes in, you will be doing all year long. My "first wife" of now over 62 mostly wonderful years was talking to Dish to get ESPN added to our service. If it hadn't been for Georgia playing in the Rose Bowl against Oklahoma, it wouldn't have mattered. She got it all set to watch after the New Year came in.

Now we are not the sports fans we used to be. It is a long drive from Colquitt to Athens, and in the past we would try to make many of the games.

Last time we were in Athens "between the hedges" lots of Georgia fans were wearing shirts with a saying from one of my favorite writers. It seemed that a coach named Nick Saban had been whipping up on the Dawgs. Will Rogers said, "I've never met a man I didn't like." On the shirt right below that famous saying was added, "You never met Nick Saban." That was a long time ago, and by the time most of you see this, THE National Championship Game of the year will have been played to determine if the Georgia Bulldogs or the Crimson Tide of Alabama will be the winners. Alabama and Saban are still whipping up on teams. Georgia and Kirby Smart are, too. Both teams are good. One of those teams will be the very best by winning the championship. The good thing is, either way, an SEC team will be the 2018 National Champions.

The Georgia Bulldogs have shown that they are hard to beat. The game that the Dawgs played last week against the Oklahoma Sooners was the best I have ever seen. Those two teams could have beaten most any team in the nation. The score switched back and forth several times changing several records. Georgia came from a 17 point deficit to a touchdown win in overtime.

Alabama didn't have as much trouble with Clemson. I hope that won't happen to Georgia in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Bama's Nick Saban will be pulling out all the stops of his experience against Georgia's second year head coach, Kirby Smart, who just happened to get most of his training from Bama’s Coach Nick Saban. Smart will attempt to dethrone his former boss.

It's not too often that a former coach, Smart, topples his head coach, Saban. All that’s at stake for Bama's Saban is the national football title for the sixth-time. This would tie him with none other than Bear Bryant.

As a former University of Georgia student and a current Georgia Bulldog fan, I hope that Coach Smart topples Coach Saban. I don't think that the former Will Rogers would have liked Nick Saban. Very few will even feel sorry for Saban if Coach Smart does what no other coach has done to his former head coach/ boss.

Much of this will be settled on Monday night football. This newspaper will almost be finished, and it is not absolute that we will have the score to publish.

These two teams are similar in many ways. One will be a little bit better than the other in that Monday night game when the winner is awarded the national championship of college teams in the nation.

I've got to admit as we were watching the three bowl games last week, I caught myself pulling for Auburn at times. That won't happen with the other Alabama team when they play the game for the national champion. I won't be going to the game since I heard that the tickets were going for up in the thousands of dollars.

I'm going to ask my bride of 62 years to watch the game with me at our home with the add-on sports channel she got for us last week.

I hope you get to watch this championship game that was held in Atlanta on January 8, our anniversary. These two teams play old-fashioned football by returning the ball, putting pressure on the passer and controlling the scrimmage line most of the time. Both are capable. GO, DAWGS!

To my bride, may your years with me just keep getting better and better. Happy Anniversary!

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