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On Thursday, June 15, 2017, at approximately 1:33 p.m., Miller County Sheriff’s Deputy Garison Clenney responded to 1094 GA Highway 91 South in reference to a break-in that had already occurred.

Upon Deputy Clenney’s arrival, he spoke with the home owner, Christy Whitaker, who stated that she received a phone call while at work from her son, Kaleb Whitaker, who was home, stating that someone had kicked in the back door of the house.

Miller County Sheriff Scott Worsley and the investigators have recovered one of the guns, the Smith and Wesson, in Dougherty County.

The suspect in the case is Tor Ryan Holtan, last known address, in Albany.

Mason Toole, 15, recently got his Georgia Learner’s driver’s license, on the first try.

Mason’s mother, Donna Toole, didn’t have the confidence that he knew enough to pass the test since he hadn’t studied it as much as she thought he needed to. She had told Mason if he didn’t pass it, he would pay for the next test.

I think he studied.

Mason is the son of Donna Toole of Canton and grandson of Betty Jo and Terry Toole of Colquitt.

As some famous friends from Colquitt always say as they end their show, “Be particular.”

Papa says, “Save your money. Your mama will need it to pay insurance. Learn to drive well, and you can drive us to the doctor’s appointments.”

Colquitt’s newest business, TK’s, located on the square, held its official grand opening and ribbon cutting on Friday morning, July 7, at 11:00 a.m.

A large crowd of family, friends, business owners, and lending institutions, gathered for the occasion on a hot and humid morning.

KaCee Holt, executive director of the Colquitt/ Miller Chamber of Commerce, welcomed everyone to the ribbon cutting and thanked the owners for choosing Colquitt to open their business. She also offered the chamber’s help in any way possible.

Terry Pickle, owner, stated, “I appreciate everyone for coming out today and supporting us in our business. I want to invite every one of you to come and eat with us.”

It is seldom that we can boast being a world first in anything. It is even better to brag on one of our own being in charge of such a weapon that will change the way we protect our nation and our friends.

According to a recent CNN report who was granted exclusive access to a live-fire test of the weapon, somewhere in the hostile waters of the Persian Gulf looms a U.S. Navy first, in fact, a world’s first active laser weapon. It has been placed on board the USS Ponce amphibious transport ship, and is ready to be fired at targets today and everyday by Captain Christopher Wells and his crew.

The new weapon is more precise than a bullet, according to Captain Wells.

“It’s not a niche weapon system like some other weapons that we have throughout the military where it’s only good against air contacts, or it’s only good against surface targets, or it’s only good against, you know, ground-based targets -- in this case this is a very versatile weapon, it can be used against a variety of targets,” Captain Wells stated.

The new laser begins with an advantage no other weapon ever invented comes even close to matching. It moves, by definition, at the speed of light. For comparison, that is 50,000 times the speed of an incoming ICBM.

OBITUARIES: Joseph Onlice Bush, Robert Chambless, Danny Wood, Annette Knight, Michael Bishop.


Due to the vacancy in the position of Chief of Police left when Sheriff Scott Worsley (former Chief of Police) was sworn in as Sheriff of Miller County, the City of Colquitt began the process to select a new Chief of Police. The search for a new Chief for the Colquitt Police Department got underway around June 1 of 2017 with advertisement for the position.

On July 18, 2017, a highly-qualified panel consisting of local residents and law enforcement professionals assembled at the Georgia State Patrol Post 14 in Colquitt and conducted individual interviews for each of the eight candidates as selected by the previous panel. Each interviewer was supplied the job criteria, job description, and each candidate’s application/ resume.

The panelists asked questions of each applicant and rated them accordingly. The panel then averaged scores and rankings for all candidates and presented their rankings to the Colquitt City Manager.

Upon review of the rankings, Hollis Smith was the candidate who was ranked as First Choice by the independent panel.

Last fall, the Rakassan soldiers departed on their ninth combat deployment since the beginning of The War on Terror.

The U.S. Army soldiers were supporting Operation Freedom Sentinel on a mission to train, advise, and assist to build the capacity of the Afghan Army and Police.

Among these soldiers was PFC Seth Cleveland, son of Mark and Melissa Cleveland of Colquitt.

Seth left on November 11, 2016, and returned recently to enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation. During the deployment, Cleveland was recognized for going the extra-extra mile for his Company. He was selected by his Platoon for taking initiative as a young leader, performing jobs and tasks well above his grade, and for significantly contributing to the success of both the Platoon’s, and the Company as a whole.

OBITUARIES: Jerry Creel, Palmer Ruth, Brandon Donalson, Erika Salgado, Mildred Jenkins, Johnny Allgood, Jacquelyn Dancy, Jimmy Robinson, Stanley Tyner, Ralph Hudgins, III.


A group of Miller County and Colquitt leaders were on hand at a luncheon at Moby Dick to welcome Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and some of his entourage to Colquitt.

Colquitt City Manager Cory Thomas welcomed Georgia’s 11th Lieutenant Governor by turning the introduction to Georgia State Senator Dean Burke to make the introduction of Lt. Governor Cagle, who is officially running for Governor of Georgia.

Colquitt Mayor Jimmy Phillips welcomed the Lt. Governor and Senator to Colquitt and thanked First State Bank of Colquitt for sponsoring the meeting as well as those who attended the meeting on Thursday, August 31, 2017.

The Rev. Cory Thomas was asked to give thanks before a delicious meal was served.

In anticipation of Hurricane Irma’s arrival, Governor Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency for all 159 states in Georgia. Local law enforcement officers and emergency responders for Colquitt and Miller County met on Sunday, September 10, starting at 2:00 p.m. to finalize preparations for the storm scheduled to reach this area by Monday.

Hurricane Irma began in the Atlantic Ocean ripped through the Caribbean, passing over Cuba before hitting the Florida Keys, on Sunday morning.

OBITUARIES: James Logue, Latrella King, Julia Sheffield, Mayme De- Priest, Joe Cross, Wayne Carr, Jessie Smith, Mark Engelmann, Laura Darley, Loyde Alday.

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