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One Arrest In Possession of Controlled Substance

Kristi Leigh Wallace was arrested for violation of probation warrant. Kristi Leigh Wallace was arrested for violation of probation warrant. An incident report from the Miller County Sheriff Department came in this past week on a drug arrest.

On December 29, 2017, Investigator BJ Josey, Investigator Tyrone Burns, Deputy Brent Haire, Probation Officers Bruce Wilson and Cameron Glass traveled to 74 Thompson Town Road in Colquitt to serve a probation warrant on Kristi Wallace at her residence.

When the sheriff’s officers arrived at the home, they knocked on the door, and Toni Duncan opened the back door of the trailer. Investigator Josey asked if Kristi was at home, and Duncan stated that she was not.

Investigator Josey asked where she was, and Duncan stuttered trying to come up with something.

Duncan was asked if they (the officers) could come into the residence to look for her and that they had a warrant for her arrest. At this time, Duncan let the officers inside the residence.

Some of the drug evidence found Some of the drug evidence found Once inside the residence, Investigator Josey pointed to the bedroom found Wallace, who was placed in handcuffs. Officer Glass explained why they were there and why she was being arrested. He also explained the 4th amendment clause in her probation allowing the officers to search her bedroom which was on the south end of the residence.

After a thorough search of the bedroom, the officers located a plastic cigarette wrapper containing a white crystal-like substance suspected to be methamphetamine. The evidence was photographed and bagged.

Wallace was transported to the Miller County Jail by Deputy Haire where a warrant was issued for possesion of a controlled substance.

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