2018-01-10 / Front Page

‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside!’

John Mason and Neely Calhoun check out the freshly made ice. John Mason and Neely Calhoun check out the freshly made ice. Miller County and Southwest Georgia got a big dose of winter, including a forecast of a slight chance of snow and sleet, which shifted to the east of us last Wednesday and missed us.

Some of us decided since we didn’t get snow, we would make their own fun by letting sprinklers run over night on trees. John Mason and Neely Calhoun, children of LaDon and Kayla Calhoun, did just this.

Meanwhile, the Arctic front that has brought these bone-chilling temperatures to our area had many homeowners hitting stores looking for ways to prevent pipes from freezing and possibly bursting. After the freezing temperatures didn’t let up, they started looking for someone to fix the frozen pipes that split as the ice started to thaw.

Danny Moore, owner of Moore’s Hardware, said, “We saw a lot of people coming in getting supplies to cover pipes. We are just not used to this cold of temperatures,” he said.

These parts of Georgia are not accustomed to the freezing cold staying as long as it has as the old year ended and the new year began.

The forecast calls for a little let-up of the cold temperatures over the next few days with some rain in the forecast. But the cold weather is not over, yet.

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