2018-01-10 / Community

Warm it Cheaper

by Leo Rommel

Happy New Year, which for many of us, is ending much like last year did: in a deep freeze.

Making matters worse are surges in heating prices in various regions. Case in point: Natural gas prices have reached levels in the U.S. Northeast not seen since the Polar Vortex. These expenses are hitting everybody hard, especially households living near the poverty mark or on a fixed income, all of whom spend a larger percentage of their take-home income on energy related costs than those in other income brackets. Other areas have been similarly impacted.

As such, energy experts from Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) are available to discuss what’s driving these record prices and what legislators can do to help, plus detail easy, tried-and-true tips that can help households stay warm but save on heating.

These tips include:

Turning your thermostat back 10° to 15° when you’re asleep or out, which saves about 10% annually in heating costs

Opening curtains on south-facing windows to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home

Keeping your fireplace damper closed unless a fire is burning

Using ceiling fans to circulate warm air. Reversing your ceiling fan clockwise helps move warmer pooled air near the ceiling back into the living space

Keeping doors closed to rooms not in use, especially those with an exterior wall, which makes home heating more efficient

If you'd like to speak with a CEA expert about these tips and the launch of CEA's new campaign aimed at helping consumers struggling to stretch their budget and make ends meet amidst rising energy prices, please let me know, and I'd be happy to coordinate. Many thanks!

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