2017-12-20 / Public Safety




On Friday, December 8, 2017, Officer Lonnie Wade as dispatched to 108 North First Street in reference to a gas drive-off.

Upon arrival, he spoke to Mr. Deep Patel who stated that Dorothy Burney drove her truck and parked at the gas pumps. Mr. Patel stated that Mrs. Burney entered the store as her boyfriend/husband pumped $ 20.42 cents worth of gas. Mr. Patel stated that Mrs. Burney walked around inside the store as she waited on her order of food.

Mr. Patel stated that he asked Ms. Burney to move her vehicle so that other customers could drive up and use the pump. Mr. Patel stated that is when Ms. Burney became combative with words and got into a verbal argument with Patel. Patel then stated that Burney left the store and did not pay for the gas.

Officer Wade went to Burney’s house, but no one was at home.

On December 9, Officer Wade went to Burney’s home to speak with her. Upon arrival, the officer spoke to Ms. Burney about the incident.

She stated that she did get into a verbal argument but that she put the $20 dollars on the counter and that she was leaving the store to get the remainder 42 cents from her boyfriend/ husband.

After conflicting stories from the two parties, Officer Wade went back to the store to view the counter. The camera showed that Ms. Burney did put money on the counter. The camera then showed that Patel come from behind the camera and pointed as to tell Burney to get out of his store.

The two are seen arguing again, and this is when Ms. Burney snatched the $20.00 bill from Patel and walked out of the store. Mr. Patel stated that after Ms. Burney left out of the store, her boyfriend/husband walked in and tried to pay the remaining 42 cents, but Patel stated that he would not take it because Ms. Burney did not pay the $20.00

The statements were taken, and the case has been turned over to Investigator Kenny Kirkland.




On Thursday, December 7, 2017, Officer Raymond Day was patrolling in the area of Highway 27 South near its intersection with Fourth Street when he observed a white SUV fail to stop at the stop sign.

Officer Day made a traffic stop on the vehicle, a 1995 Isuzo Rodeo and made contact with the driver, Michelle Guimares of 1307 Peregrine Drive, Plant City, FL.

As he made contact with the driver, he could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.

Guimares was given a roadside test and also refused to give a sample of her breath. She was placed under arrest and transported to the Miller County Jail for booking.

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