2017-12-06 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

There's been a lot of changes - will be more -
by Terry Toole

What in the world have we allowed our nation to become?

Don't blame me. I'm just one person. What do you think I could do about what people think and do?

Don't get me wrong. About the only thing I agree with the Democrats on is we are still a great nation. We just have lowered our standards and morals and keep lowering them to include more folks.

Shoot, for the first 50 years or more of my life, I was a Democrat. That was the only way to get someone elected. Then came the Republicans. They were not all right, but they were so much like we have been taught, a lot of us became Republicans. Now the Republicans, or some of them are becoming what Democrats are. Seems like they stayed in the swamp too long. Most of our nation’s problems could be solved with term limits.

Just a few months ago, many of us had no place to go but the Republicans. The one that was named our president, President Donald Trump, really wasn't supported by the Republican Party, still isn't. Many of the Democrats were supposed to leave this country if he was elected. How many have you heard left? Lord knows we really would be a better nation if they left. Most of them stayed and are trying their best to make the United States of America against each other.

I am glad that I'm among the older part of our population. Republicans seem to have more in common. Most of them seem to believe in God and country, in that order. Most real Americans still don't believe in killing babies, our American babies still in the womb, or out, and cutting them up to sell for body parts.

Of all our many sins, and they are many, killing unborn babies could be one that He just might not forgive us for. He might not forgive us for allowing the murder of babies in spite of our highest judicial authority saying it is legal. That is the seventh of the 10 Commandments, and last time I checked, none of them have been revoked. That is the first of the "Thou shalt nots."

Just think of what has happened in the past few years.

Who would have thought our courts would let a soldier who admitted treason go scott free? Good soldiers were hurt and killed trying to rescue this traitor. You really couldn’t expect any better. How many treasonous politicians have been convicted? Our courts are only for the poor citizens and illegals.

It's going to take some strong, strong people to run against the Democrats. They will charge elected candidates with sex crimes almost 40 years old. Seems like the only thing that Democrats and some Republicans agree on is that Judge Roy Moore should not be elected as an Alabama U.S. Senator, and if he is, the U.S. Senate should kick him out. He is the one who was kicked out of the Alabama Supreme Court because he would not take the Ten Commandments out of his chambers. He has won the Republican primary for the Senate. He hasn't been tried or formally charged of anything. He might be guilty, but we used to have something about innocent until proven guilty in this country.

Some Democrats have filed impeachment proceedings against President Trump. It seems that most Democrats and a number of Republicans don't like him, but a lot of us real Americans do.

We who are left should thank God that we didn't get Hillary Clinton for president. All this blaming is clogging the sewer and backing it up on Bill Clinton and a number of Democrats. The worst is that the rest of the world has to see what some supposed-to-be Americans are made of.

God bless those who are trying to make America better. God Bless America, and God help us all.

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