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Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Shingles ain't for sissies- Uva’s gone!
by Terry Toole

OK, so I didn't write about who might be the next leader of this once great nation. Since all I can do is vote in May and November, I've got more important things to see about like trying to keep some of us old folks going, and making a living.

On Wednesday, March 23rd, one of my house mates fell, laid on the floor for five hours and broke her hip. That would be Uva, 102. She pushed the wrong button to let someone know she couldn't get up. Garrett found her. We were in Dothan seeing doctors about fixing Betty Jo's foot, an operation that would put her out of operation for four to six weeks. That was set for sometime in May and will have to be put off until she finishes her nursing duties.

Betty Jo, 80, is my other house mate and "first wife." She is the Chief Nurse of the Toole house and has been at the hospitals almost constantly with her mother, Uva for the past few weeks.

In the meantime, "ye scribe", 80, was trying to keep house and help Wanda get the Liberal out each week. I had been to several wrecks late in the evenings, and one of the dangers of walking the roads and right-of-ways is stepping in fire ant beds. Two weeks ago, I felt something scratchy in my britches and thought I had gotten into ants and they got me. Now fire ants will make you come out of your britches in a crowd. I found something else will do the same. To make a long story short, it was shingles. I wish it had been fire ants.

Just in case I might forget, or die before I write another column, if you've ever had chicken pox, you can have the shingles. There is a shot to prevent shingles. Get it if you have to mortgage your home. Since I have had shingles, it is amazing how many people have had shingles. Most say how sorry they are. I say that of all the things I've had, none have been as painful, including cancer operations, eye operations, cuttings over various parts of my body as shingles.

As a doctor that saw them said, "Hmm, and other explicit words, you've got a good case of shingles."

I explained that there was nothing good about shingles, they are all bad. In fact, I can't think of anyone, living or dead that I would wish them on. When he asked how they felt, I replied by saying they hurt like someone was holding a blow torch on you.

Shingles blinded one of my aunts, and I have them just at my hair line above my eyes. I was told a week ago that my eye that needs an oil change wouldn't get much better. I decided to keep the oil.

I told Wanda to try and get her some competent help and start training them. I'll do as long as I can, but right now, I'm not doing my part.

Oh, the doctor sent me out of his office to a young, pretty lady doctor for a second opinion of my condition. I took "first wife" with me. I knew the young, pretty lady doctor would want to see. I was right. Not only did she want to see "All" of me, but had several more young, pretty assistants in to help her view me. She took a cut off my stomach and prescribed a pint of salve to put on my shingles. I should be getting over this in a few months or years.

Back to much more important things - Our baby daughter Donna spent her spring holidays at the Miller County Hospital with Uva, and let nurse Betty Jo off for a few hours. Uva is still in the hospital here trying to learn to walk again and heal from hip surgery. The doctor just came in Sunday evening to confirm that Uva had pneumonia. Her BP was low, and to get it up will take her out. The doctor said he would try to keep her easy. That is one tough, sweet lady. She has been a great, wonderful part of our lives that will leave a big void. We thank God for the loan of her with us. What a blessing.

At around 10:20 p.m. Monday night, Uva’s sweet spirit slipped into the arms of Jesus. Pray for our loss. She is alright.

Who is in charge.

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