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Jury Finds Rogers Guilty

Of Murder and Two Counts of Aggravated Assault
by Terry Toole

Ralph Rogers receives six guilthy verdicts. Ralph Rogers receives six guilthy verdicts. The Miller County Superior Court began criminal trials Monday morning, April 4, 2016. The case being brought before the court was 2015-CR-059 of State of Georgia v. Ralph Rogers, defendant, with Superior Court Judge Thomas H. Baxley presiding.

Rogers was on trial for the June 20, 2015, shooting that took place in the area of 358 N. 2nd Street. Lamaris Miller, age 30, of Colquitt, was killed at the scene by gunshot. Damien Lee, 18, of Colquitt and Levione Katrell Burr, age 37, of Leesburg, were both shot and were life-flighted to Southeast Alabama Medical Center.

Ronald “Vic” Mc- Nease Jr. of the District Attorney’s office was attorney for the State. Mike Thomas and Joe Griffin of the Public Defender’s Office were attorneys for Defense.

After a roll call of jurors, the State and Defense began selection of 12 jurors and 2 alternates to hear the case. After selection of the jury panel, all remaining jurors were excused. Of those selected there were seven females and seven males. The panel of jurors selected were sent home and instructed to return Tuesday morning, April 5, at 9 a.m. to begin hearing opening statements.

After two days of testimony, evidence presented and closing statements by the State and Defense, the case was sent to the Jury for deliberations.

After deliberations ended on Thursday, April 7, the Jury returned with a verdict of guilty on all counts. Count one: Malice Murder as to Lamaris Miller, Guilty of malice murder. On Count two: Felony Murder of Lamaris Miller, guilty of felony murder. On Count three: Aggravated

Assault as to Lamaris Miller: Guilty. On Count four: Aggravated Assault as to Levionte Katrell Burr: Guilty. On Count five: Aggravated Assault as to Damien Lee: Guilty. On Count six: Possession of Firearm During Commission of Certain Crimes of Murder and Aggravated Assault: Guilty.

Sentencing for defendant will be held at a later date scheduled by the court.

The defendant, Ralph Rogers, will remain incarcerated at the Seminole County Jail, Donalsonville, GA until sentencing and disposition of his case.

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