2016-01-06 / School & Sports

Ultimate Goals

by Lily Kathryn Houston

Tuesday, January 5, students go back to school at SGA. Many have several semesters of school left, but for some of us, it is our last. It feels a bit bittersweet that I only have five months left of high school, but I know I have about seven years of college in front of me, and after that, I’ll have to find a job.

Only recently have I realized that it doesn’t end. Our goals are continuously changing and moving forward just like we are.

The goal was to first graduate high school, but that’s too simple. Even graduating college and law school are too simple of goals to be ultimate goals. In five months, I’ll leave the small school I’ve been a part of for 14 years and move to a college where thousands of people wont even know my name. It’s so scary to go from such a little place to a huge place. I hope that as I continue my journey of education, that I’ll stay as motivated as I am right now. My ultimate goal is to create a life that I’m proud of, one that embodies all of my hard work. What is your ultimate goal?

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