2015-07-22 / Public Safety



Disorderly Conduct

On Saturday, July 17, 2015, Officer Kenny Knowles was dispatched to 504 Martin Luther King Jr. Street in reference to a disturbance.

Upon arrival, Officer Knowles spoke to Mr. Clinton Grant, who stated that he had just arrived home and saw his girlfriend, Kakelia Wiggins on the front porch with her daughter and her friend.

Mr. Grant said Ms. Wiggins was drinking and started arguing with him and he just walked into the residence, when he heard glass shatter on his door.

Mr. Clinton said Ms. Wiggins then come inside and started hollering and cussing. She flipped the TV off the TV stand, ripped the mirrors off the wall causing them to bust, and busted out two windows on the front porch.

Mr. Clinton stated that he was leaving to go to his mother’s house for the night when the police arrived.

Officer Knowles then spoke to the suspect, Kakelia Wiggins, who stated that Mr. Clinton was her boyfriend and she got mad at him for coming home late. She stated that Mr. Clinton told her to fix him something to eat and she told him no. They started arguing and that was when she threw a liquor bottle at the front door causing it to bust. She also stated that she flipped her own TV over and took the mirrors off the wall and busted them. She also stated that she did bust the two windows out and she would pay for them.

Mr. Grant stated that all the items that were broken belonged to Ms. Wiggins except for the two windows. He advised he would replace the windows and did not want to press charges on Ms. Wiggins for damage to property.

Officer Knowles them placed Ms. Wiggins under arrest for disorderly conduct and transported her the Miller County Jail for booking.

Burglary/Forced Entry

On Thursday, July 16, 2015, Colquitt Police Department Officer Tyrone Burns was on patrol on Fourth Street doing security checks on businesses.

On the night, the lights in the city were out due to an electrical storm.

Upon Officer Burn’s arrival at Ron Cam, he noticed that the front door of the store was busted. He also noticed that a piece of concrete block was thrown through the store.

Officer Burn’s dispatched 911 to have an investigator en route to the scene.

Upon the arrival of Investigator Kirkland, Officer Burn’s explained to Kirkland what he had seen upon his arrival.

The owner, Rajeshkumar Patel, was contacted and asked to come to the store.

The case has been turned over to investigators for further investigation.

Theft by Taking

On Monday, July 13, 2015 Officer Kenny Knowles was dispatched to 301 E. Crawford St. in reference to a missing wallet.

Upon arrival, Officer Knowles met with the complainant, Joyce Ann Cook, of 634 Waycaser Road in Bainbridge. Ms. Cook stated that she had just paid for her items and put her wallet in her buggy.

Ms. Cooks said she was putting her items into her vehicle when the suspect, assistant manager, Matthew Ryan Jones, approached her and asked if he could assist her. Ms. Cook said yes and Mr. Jones unloaded her items out of the buggy to her vehicle.

Ms. Cook advised she then got into her vehicle and drove to the Kangaroo to purchase some gas and noticed that her wallet was missing.

She then returned to Pic- N-Sav to look for it. She asked Mr. Jones if he saw it and he said no. She then called 911 to report her wallet missing.

When Officer Knowles arrived, they talked to Mr. Jones and Ms. Cook advised he was the one who helped her load her items into her vehicle. Officer Knowles had observed Jones across the street at the old NAPA store walking around a ditch and looking in the back of a truck. He then walked back over to the front of the store. Officer Knowles asked to see a manager but was told he was the assistant manager. Officer Knowles asked for his license to do a report on the missing wallet. While obtaining information from Jones, he became very nervous and could not give any store information of his personal contact number.

Officer Knowles asked Jones to call his manager, Terry Meredith, to come to the store so a video could be watched.

While an Investigator, Kirkland was en route to the store, Officer Knowles conducted a search around the store and found a buggy parked on the store property with a store sales paper lying over a maroon wallet. Investigator Kirkland then asked for Mr. Jones to go to the police department to speak with him.

Officer Knowles sat in while Investigator Kirkland spoke to Mr. Jones about the wallet.

The case was turned over to Investigator Kirkland.

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