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Hacking and Scams going on in Colquitt and Washington DC

by Terry Toole

Thought I could wait on this until next week, but somebody believed what a hacker had done on my Facebook page.

Last Friday, we took off to Atlanta for a few days, and some of my "friends" started writing and calling that my Facebook page had been hacked.

I didn't know enough about Facebook to know what to do, and no one seemed to believe what was going on was mine, so we went to the doctor and watched our grandson's ball games until Sunday. I did what my granddaughter said to do Sunday night, and thought all was well. Wrong!

Monday, a lady called to ask me about me winning a bunch of money and getting a new computer.

I explained that I hadn't seen it, but it appeared that my Facebook page was hacked, and someone was trying to scam people out of money.

"Oh, no!" the lady said. "I've wired them $800.00, and they want $600.00 more. My husband is going to kill me."

I don't know much about Facebook. I didn't win anything. I did give the lady my sympathy and suggested that she not send any more to someone in Chicago, IL.

This hacking and scamming is nothing new. We put warnings about them in the Liberal from the police and sheriff department on occasion with the saying that "If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is."

In the case of the Colquitt hackers and scammers, the target is to get cash from people with the promise of big money and nice computers. I can't prove it, but I would bet the $90,000 I was supposed to already have won and the computer that anyone who sends money will lose it.

Best I can determine, attempts at hacking have also been made on several of my "friends.” At least one has been scammed.

Last week, in Washington, DC, the Office of Personnel Management, which handles government security clearances and federal employee records, was hacked. The target appeared to be Social Security numbers and other “personal identifying information,” but it was unclear whether the attack was related to commercial gain or espionage.

In the case of at least four million current government workers, records have been breached, not to mention the thousands, or millions who have retired, and are drawing checks.

If the culprits are ever apprehended from the breach in Colquitt or Washington, maybe the government can get them to help retrieve the email records of one of the present candidates running for president. One is thought to be in China. The other might be from around Miller County, or possibly Chicago.

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