2015-04-15 / Religion

Seed from the Sower

by Dell Lee

One day a television reporter received a letter from a young girl. It read: “When I grow up I want to do what you do. Please do it better!”

Often when we observe someone doing something we can see many ways to improve their work. It only seems natural that we can always discover ways for others to improve on what they are doing.

It is much easier for me to want to improve or change someone B actually anyone B other than myself.

Jesus said, “Judge not,” and He wondered how we could see the speck in our brother’s eye in spite of the log that was in our own eye.

One sure way to improve the quality of our lives is to turn them over to Jesus and to measure whatever we do by what He has done. When He imparts His wisdom in our minds, implants His strength into our bodies, instills His truth in our hearts, endows our hearts with His love, we will be so busy doing His work that we won’t have time to criticize others.

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