2015-04-15 / Public Safety



April 6

800G Traffic Stop •Speak w/Subject •Escort • Assist 799I w/ Stolen Vehicle

April 7

800G Escort, Hardees •Traffic Stop

April 8

800F School Zone Traffic •Assist County, Hwy. 27 S. •Grease Fire, Crawford St. •Vehicle Stop, MLK Jr. St. •Vehicle Fire, Main St. •Bus Detail •EMS Call, Hwy. 27 N. •Unlock Vehicle, Crawford St.

April 9

800F School Zone Detail •Extra Patrol, Railroad St. •Bus Detail •Vehicle Stop, College St.

April 10

800G Unlock Vehicle, Spring Creek Villas •Escort, Food Mart •Escort, Hardees •Disturbance, Spring Creek Villas •Harrassing Phone Calls, First St.

April 12

800G Escort, Hardees •Escort, Shell •Suspicious Vehicle, Crawford St.

800S Traffic Stop x5 •Shots Fired, MLK Jr. St. •Cow Out, Phillipsburg Rd.



On Monday, April 6, Officer Kenny Knowles was dispatched to 156 Perry Street in reference to damage to a vehicle windshield.

Upon arrival, Officer Knowles spoke to Monique Kyles who stated that on March 1, 2015, the suspect, Tanya Ogden was in her 2007 Dodge Charger at the Kanagaroo. Ms. Kyles stated that Ogden was sitting in the front passenger seat when she went into the store. Ms. Kyles advised that when she returned to her vehicle, Ogden struck her windshield with his right hand. Kyles was not aware that her windshield was busted at the time. The next morning, March 2, when she got into her vehicle, she noticed her windshield was busted. Kyles notified Ogden and at that time Ogden told her he knew the windshield was cracked and he would pay for it.

On two separate occasions, Kyles made arrangements for her windshield to be replaced but had to cancel due to Ogden not paying for the windshield. Around March 16, GSP stopped Kyles and she was issued a citation for the windshield.

Officer Knowles attempted to talk with Ogden on Kyle’s cell phone and was advising Ogden who he was and who he worked for. Officer Knowles told Ogden that Kyles as trying to work the situation out between the two of them, but if they couldn’t, Kyles would get a police report and try to obtain a warrant on Ogden.

Ogden asked Knowles to give him his cell phone number so he could see if this was a prank call. Officer Knowles advised the subject that he would not give him his number but that he could call 911 and they could advise him that it was not a prank call. Ogden then become very mad and started cussing and advising Officer Knowles that he was going to get his job. The officer tried again to explain to Ogden and he just kept cussing. Officer Knowles just hung up the phone.



On Sunday, April 12, Officer Lonnie Wade was on patrol on Crawford Street when at the time, the tag reader alerted on a black Chevrolet Impala, traveling north on Crawford with a suspended tag and no valid insurance.

The vehicle turned into the Shell Station. Officer Wade advised dispatch to run the tag and insurance on the vehicle. The dispatcher radioed back and informed Officer Wade that the vehicle had a suspended tag and no valid insurance.

The vehicle then exited the Shell parking lot and started traveling south on Crawford St. Officer Wade stopped the vehicle in the Rite Aid parking lot.

The driver of the vehicle, Sharon D. Worsley, of a Colquitt address, was advised of the traffic stop. Worsley told the officer that the car had valid insurance. After talking with a representative of Worsley’s insurance company, it was determined that there was no valid insurance on the vehicle.

Worsley was placed in the back seat of the patrol car where she was taken to the Miller County Jail and booked in and released on bond of the above charge.

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