2015-02-18 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Time will tell, like it has in our past
by Terry Toole

The only thing necessary forthetriumphofevilisfor good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke

That is a quote of an Irish orator, philosopher, and politician who lived back in the 18th century. We all should hang it over the mirror that we look at ourselves in first thing every morning. This quote may be a little outdated since some men are having a problem identifying themselves as men.

Since I'm an Irishman once or twice removed, It might ought say: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men or women to do nothing.

That is one fine saying that should be in our promises of church and state. We can look and see the results of when good people, black, white, brown, or mixed find it easier to do nothing when we know that something that is happening is wrong or evil.

Maybe we all think this, but my generation lived in one of the best of times.

Most of my age were brought up to know right from wrong and good from evil.

Lord knows, there was almost as much of one as the other back in the "good old days,” but we knew better, and if we did bad or evil, we paid for it, dearly. Our parents taught us right from wrong, and enforced it.

If a man got a woman pregnant out of wedlock, and had an abortion, they were considered killers if they were caught, as well as those who did the evil deed. Now, married or not, the couple, and the abortionist are covered by the law as a legal act.

Killing an unborn fetus, which we have allowed over 58 million killed in the U.S.A. since Roe vs Wade, made it legal in 1973.

With good men and women allowing this, one of the worst laws against human nature to exist and continue, we may well lose most of the rights that we once had.

Political correctness now takes the rights, and privileges that we once took for granted away, and big government has become the source instead of our Creator.

The promise of being taken care of with welfare, food stamps, free phones, rent, healthcare and other freebies have lost our right to religion, sexuality and life itself. All we have to do is whatever government says for us to do.

We are fast losing our right of family when a man marries a man. Now over half of our United States legally issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Men can marry men. Women can marry women. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the states must allow these atrocities, and must provide the same family benefits to the participates.

This was done by the not so Supremes just like they voted 7-2 to kill millions of our weakest, babies in the womb, and we allowed that, and still do.

The highest branch of our national government, with the help of the other two have swapped our rights for handouts.

Be it known, you cannot give to anyone without taking what is given away from those who have worked for it.

For those of us who have lived in the best of times can see our beloved nationsystematically being changed from the American Dream into a Nightmare!

Don't think that this is the first time this has happened in world history. There is a Book that cannot be proven wrong that tells of when humans did the same things. It also tells how our Creator dealt with those who thought they could change His laws. There was lots of rain, water, wind, and fire. The next time is promised to be even worse than before. If you study The Book, we are taught how we should be, and how we should not be, and what happens when our Creator gets enough of our evil ways.

Things are getting worse. We have good laws and bad. Our Constitution tells us when government tries to become God, to do away with that government. If we won't, HE will! We have had some already try, like Hitler’s Germany and now Muslim terrorists killers from the middle east and in America are cutting off heads, burning and crucifying Christians and children.

Maybe some good men or women are attempting to make changes, and He is giving us more time.

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