2014-08-06 / Public Safety

Tractor & Semi get to close

Tractor loses its left flasher Tractor loses its left flasher On July 25, Benjamin Martin Eakin was traveling west on GA 273. Amanda Jill Wilson was driving a tractor pulling a spreader also traveling west on GA 273. Eakin was attempting to pass Wilson in the eastbound lane of GA 273. The right side of Eakin’s trailer struck the left emergency flasher of Wilson’s vehicle. Wilson’s flasher arm sticks out a few inches away from the body of the vehicle.

Wilson stated that as Eakin’s vehicle was passing it struck her left flasher. Eakin stated that he was on his side and was unaware that he struck Wilson’s vehicle. Wilson said she was driving on the white line and Eakin came over and struck her. Eakin said that he was on his side of the road and couldn’t see how he struck Wilson’s vehicle.

Eakin was stopped by Wilson’s father approximately four miles west of where the crash apparently occurred.

Due to conflicting statements, no witnesses on scene and the lack of roadway evidence, the investigation trooper was unable to determine who is at fault in the crash.

Cpl K. Jones was the reporting officer.

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