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MCHS Pirates Scrimmage Friday

The Miller County Schools and Miller County Quarterback Club invites you to see what we've got Friday evening, August 8, at 7:00 p.m. at Pirate Field.

The players have been working hard to get in shape for another Pirate football season.

There is going to be an Inter Squad Football Scrimmage.

There will be some hard hitting, Pirate football as the 2014 varsity team play one another.

There will be snacks available, a chance to preorder the new Pirate merchandise and a chance to win some great prizes.

This will be a time to enjoy seeing what the Miller County Varsity team might have for this season.

The players and the coaches want, and need the public to come out and support this young, but willing team.

There will be a lot new this 2014 season, with a new head coach, some new assistant coaches, some experienced players, and a good number who are chopping at the bits to make their presence known.

The seasoned and new players are being taught that stars are great, but it takes the entire team playing together to be winners.

The new coach has already said you will not see a lot of razzle-dazzle plays, but those you see will be executed as well as these fellows can play, and the coaches can coach.

Set your clocks to come out to Pirate Stadium this Friday, August 8, to cheer the entire Pirate team in an Inter-Squad Football Scrimmage.

We'll guarantee that you get your monies worth, since admission will be FREE!

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