2014-07-23 / Public Safety



July 14

800C Escort •Unruly Patient, Emergency Room •Domestic

800E Escort •Security Checks •Phone Call x2 •Custody •Stand-by, Emergency Room

July 15

800C Escort •Domestic, Dancer St.

800G Traffic Stop x4 •Damage to Fire Hydrant, Cuthbert and Pine St. •Drug Arrest (Poss. with Intent), First/Main St.

July 16

800S Vehicle Accident, Pine St. •Alarm, Fourth St. •Fight, E. Dancer St. •Prisoner/Subject in Custody, County Jail

July 17

800C Escort •Suspicious Vehicle, Grace St.

800G Traffic Stop

800S Alarm, Industrial Blvd.

July 18

800C Assist Sheriff’s Office with Prisoner/Subject, Peter St. •Escort •Vehicle Accident •Domestic,


800G Domestic, Main St. •Vehicle Accident

July 19

800G Vehicle Accident, Methodist Church •Traffic Stop x3

July 20

800C Escort •Fight •Ran Intox Test

800G Unlock Vehicle, Main St.



Trespass - Private

On July 11, Rosa Miller advised that the offenders were playing around her car (wrestling) and while doing so they broke the tail light out of her 2006 PT Cruiser. Miller advised that if the boys would pay the damages that she would not press charges. The subjects agreed to this and advised they would have their portion of the damage by the next weekend.

Vehicle Accident

On July 16, Matthew Alexander Shakespeare was attempting to leave the parking space of the parking lot. Tyler Dell Pippins was parked and unattended when at the time, Shakespeare misjudged the clearance and struck Pippins’ vehicle. Shakespeare’s passenger side struck Pippins’ front left bumper causing moderate damage(s) to both vehicles. No citation(s) and no report of injury(s) were issued and reported at the time of the accident.


On July 16, Israel Perkins stated that she was inside her home when at the time Earline Roberts entered her residence from the back door of the residence and began arguing and cursing at her. Perkins stated that Roberts then slapped her in her face (left side) and left the residence walking.

Earline Roberts was escorted to the Miller County Jail to where she was booked in with warrant pending. Lonnie Wade was the reporting officer.

Safety Belts

Violation (Adults), License: Driving While

Lic. Susp/Revoked

On July 17, Derrick Lee Lyles was transported to the Miller County Jail on the following charges: Seatbelt Required, Driving While License Suspended. The vehicle was turned over to the passenger, Latoya Coleman. Coleman was issued a citation for her fiveyear old who was unrestrained in the rear seat.

Vehicle Accident

On July 18, while a driver was inside Hardee’s, an unknown vehicle driven by an unknown driver struck a red Trailblazer in the parking lot. Mattie Runell Dugan stated that when she parked her vehicle there were no vehicles on that side of her vehicle. The unknown vehicle struck Dugan’s Trailblazer just to the rear of the passenger rear door. Lucas Davis was the reporting officer.

Vehicle Accident

On July 18, Melody Ann Magruder backed out of a parking space and backed into Nathaniel George’s vehicle which was parked at the gas pumps. George’s vehicle had very little damage to the front bumper. Hollis Smith was the reporting officer.

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