2014-07-23 / Community

Georgia Tourism Resource Team to visit Colquitt, Miller County

Monday through Tuesday, July 28 - 29, Colquitt will be receiving a mini Resource Team visit from the Georgia Tourism Division’s Product Development Office, a statewide program administered through the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

Following initial staff visits in fall of 2013 and spring of 2014, Colquitt was selected by the Tourism Product Development Office to participate in a new initiative which focuses technical assistance in the form of a reconnaissance and strategy visit to a local community interested in developing its tourism potential. In the case of Colquitt, the team will focus on cultural and heritage tourism relevant to the local economy. The team members will consist of representatives from the Georgia Department of Economic Development; Georgia Council for the Arts and the Department of Community Affairs. At a later date representatives from The Fox Theater Institute will meet with com- munity leaders to assess opportunities and provide additional guidance.

“We are pleased to be asked to participate in this exploratory dialog with the chamber and community leadership,” said Bruce Green, director of Tourism Product Development at the Georgia Department of Economic Development. “For the past 20 years Colquitt has built a cultural tourism-based economy around its stories and people. This exchange of ideas is the perfect way for us to explore the next level of cultural infrastructure and activities that will be critical to Colquitt’s continued progress and success.”

During the Resource Team visit, the team members working with local Chamber and community leadership will assess the portfolio of tourism-related assets within the community relevant to the areas of heritage and cultural tourism. The Resource Team’s objectives will include inventorying and discussing those assets that are most likely candidates for developing an expanded tourism-based economy in Miller County as well as identifying obstacles that might impede the implementation of such efforts.

The Resource Team visit will take place over two days and will include a tour of Colquitt’s commercial and cultural districts. Additionally, the team will conduct interview sessions with community stakeholders.

The visit will conclude Tuesday mid-morning; however, the team will return in approximately 60 days to present its findings to community leaders and representatives of local organizations.

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