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General Election Results

Miller County General Election 

Contested  Results (Unofficial)

President of the United States

Mitt Romney                                           1904

Barack Obama                                         848

Gary Johnson                                            18

For Public Service Commissioner

(To Succeed Chuck Eaton)

Chuck Eaton                                           1495


Stephen Oppenhemer                              631

Brad Ploeger                                              61

For Public Service Commissioner

(To Succeed Stan Wise)

Stan Wise                                               1657

David Staples                                           409

For U.S. Representative in 113th Congress

John House                                            1457

Sanford Bishop                                       1197

For Sheriff

David Bean                                               918

H.E. "Buddy" Glass                                 1840


For County Board of Education District 3

J.C. "Buddy" Johnson                               345

Stacy Sheffield                                          272

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

1 - Provides for improving student 

achievement and parental 

involvement through more public

charter school options                         Yes  1154      No  1293

2 - Allows the state to save taxpayer 

funds through multi-year real estate

rental agreements.                            Yes  1203      No  1087

2800 total votes cast of 3858 or 72.58%

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