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Escapee apprehended

Escapee Timothy Hurst Escapee Timothy Hurst On Friday evening, November 2, Timothy Hurst, a Quitman County inmate being housed, escaped from Miller County Jail at approximately 2:30 p.m.. Multiple attempts were utilized in an attempt to capture the prisoner with dogs and other means, with no result.

On Saturday, information was received by the Sheriff’s Office that the escapee was located somewhere in Quitman County. Sheriff Glass, Chief Deputy Shane Rathel, Investigator BJ Josey, and Deputy Dale Mitchell, travelled to Quitman County to coordinate with Quitman County deputies to locate the subject.

After several futile attempts, the subject called his ex-girlfriend stating that he was running to South Carolina. Deputies convinced her to meet with the subject while Investigator Josey rode in the back of her vehicle to the meeting place. Meanwhile Sheriff Glass, Chief Deputy Rathel, and Deputy Mitchell followed the vehicle from a safe distance.

Through several cell phone communications between the ex-girlfriend and Hurst, the escapee, it was determined that the subject was walking down the road waiting to meet her. The ex-girlfriend pulled up to the subject, and Investigator Josey jumped out of her vehicle and took the subject down at Texasville, Barber County, Alabama. Hurst was apprehended and turned over to the Barber County Alabama Sheriff’s Office where he is awaiting extradition for charges in Georgia.

Hurst is being charged with felony escape and felony criminal damage to government property.

He was charged with burglary and stalking in Quitman County.

Hurst made his escape after talking to his attorney, who told him that the charges were possibly being dropped in Georgia according one of the officers.

Now, instead of charges being possibly dropped, the escapee will face charges that could net him five to fifteen years after he makes his time in Alabama.

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