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MCHS Class of 1966 holds 45th Reunion

by Mary Nell Cox

MCHS Class of 1966 MCHS Class of 1966 On Saturday, October 29, 2011, members of the Class of 1966 gathered at Emerald Lake Restaurant for an evening of Fellowship, fun and food. Hors d’oeuvres were served at 6:00 p.m. to start the night. Freida Rentz Fair welcomed everyone and thanked the committee for their hard work in making all the plans for the night. Danny Carter led the class in the pledge to the flag. Lynwood Sheffield honored the veterans. Duren Williams blessed the food, and a delicious seafood buffet was enjoyed.

After dinner, Shirley Holt and Milton Johnson honored the deceased classmates by calling their names and lighting a candle on the memory table. Becky Braswell and Brenda Johnson called the roll of all classmates, and they told a little about themselves and what they have been doing. Several members are retired, enjoying traveling, spending time with family and just not having to punch a clock everyday.

Carole Sue Sheffield and Mary Nell Cox led a fun time with schoolrelated Trivia questions like who was quarterback on the football team, who was the school secretary, who was homecoming queen and who was the star student. What a fun time, and 50's, 60's, and 70's music was also enjoyed by all. We missed those who could not attend. Time flies too fast when you get older, so take the time to visit with family and friends and thank God for them all.

Several members were recognized for having the most children, grandchildren, and great- grandchildren, and who traveled the furthest. Milton Johnson, Windell Cross, Boyd Phillips and Danny Carter have attended all the reunions. Jo Ruth Sanders traveled the furtherest, although Gerald Lane flew in for the night from Rio. Carole Sue and Lynwood Sheffield, along with Milton and Dianne Johnson each have seven children; Milton and Dianne have 15 grandchildren; Windell and Pat Cross have five children, 11 grandchildren and one greatgrandchild.

Lottie and Charles Long by far have the most. They have six children, 22 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. However, they were not able to attend because they were having a family reunion of their own. God has certainly blessed them with a great family. All total, we have 198 kids, 310 grands, 15 grand grands, Wow...how blessed we are. The Enterprise School gang was introduced. They joined MCHS in the sixth grade.

We were dismissed by singing the school Alma Mater and prayer by Carlton Thomas. Lots of pictures were taken and emails exchanged. The next reunion will be announced at a later date. We would like to thank everyone who helped make this reunion great.

Those in attendance were Steve Wells, Faye Burhnam, Linda Rice, Becky Braswell, Jan Clifton, Boyd Phillips, Carol Sue and Lynwood Sheffield, Mary Nell and ( Bill) Cox, Danny and ( Janet) Carter, Carlton and ( Diane) Thomas, Linda and ( Minter) Rathel, Marvin and (Suzanne) Wells, Emory and (Blaine) Mathis, Milton and ( Dianne) Johnson, Sam and (Debbie) Pickron, Jane and (Nathan) Wiggins, Donald Ivey, Wanda and ( Don) Butler, Jeannie and ( Ronnie) Kennedy. Mary and (Sam) Phillips, Jo Ruth and (Mike) Porter, Freida and (Jack) Fair, Brenda Johnson, Windell and ( Pat) Cross, Gary and ( Sharon) West, Mary Alice and (Joseph) Logan, Faye and (Kenneth) Brock, Duren and (Sherri) Williams, Shirley and (Steve) Holt. Donnie Draper, Tommy and (Brenda) Wade. Gerald and (Beth) Lane, Parks and (Maridel) Callan.

See you all next time...

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