2010-12-29 / Front Page

Gas prices rising

by MCL staff writer

If you didn't get anything else for Christmas, you got some higher gas prices at the pumps.

Nothing is rising like the national debt, but gas prices are giving it a run for the money. Nothing affects the people of this nation monetarily like the cost of gasoline. It seems that gas dealers, distributors or cartels seem to raise the price of gas when people have to travel, like Christmas, New Year or any holiday. It's called supply and demand.

When checking the prices in the surrounding area, prices certainly vary. These prices are based on December 27, 2010, and will change as the wind blows.

City High Low
Colquitt $2.98 $2.89
Columbus 3.03 2.83
D’ville 2.95 2.89
Dothan 2.95 2.85
Albany 2.98 2.89
Blakely 2.95 2.94
Tallahassee 3.08 2.93

In the nation, the highest gas was in Hana, HI, at $4.49 and the lowest was in Idaho Falls, ID, at $2.48 per gallon.

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