2010-12-01 / Front Page

Man arrested for dog killing, under age consumption and obstruction of officer

by MCL staff writer

Miller County Sheriff officers arrested a suspect November 20, at 6:06 p.m. after a dog was found shot on the boardwalk in Spring Creek Park.

When the officers were investigating the incident, suspect, Shane T. Hutto, 19, residing in the Spring Creek Park Trailer Park, was questioned about the shooting by investigators.

Evidence found in the investigation brought charges of underage consumption of alcohol and possession of alcohol, obstruction of an officer and cruelty to animals against Hutto.

The suspect was charged, arrested and taken to the Miller County Jail for booking and deposition.

A small dog was found shot on the creek boardwalk by the owner, and the incident was reported to law enforcement officers.

The suspect was questioned and requested to allow his mobile home to be searched. He refused, and a search warrant was obtained and carried out by sheriff’s officers.

Evidence was obtained when the search warrant was completed.

A Decatur County Sheriff’s Investigation Unit was brought to the scene by an investigator that helped complete the evidence search for blood.

Shane T. Hutto was arrested and later released on a $3300.00 bond.

The investigation is still ongoing, other charges could be pending.

Court date for these charges was set for March 14, 2010.

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