2010-10-13 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Change! A promise kept!
by Terry Toole

It's just a few more days until election time. Let us see about some of the changes that have taken place since the Democrats took over the U.S. Congress back on January 3, 2007. Unemployment was 6% or less.

Only the U.S. Congress can approve and make laws to spend our taxes. So, since 2007, the Democratically controlled Congress has run the show.

Granted, under Democratic control of spending, the last two years of George W. Bush as president, things were getting tough.

Then in 2009, by a narrow margin, the Democrats got complete control of the Congress, and President Obama took over.

Under the Obama, Pelosi, Reed reign for the first year, the national debt doubled what it took 200 years to accumulate. The Democrats approved legislation that will double or triple the national debt again in the next 10 years.

These Democrats have passed legislation that was never read, that will ruin our health care system, and that over 70 percent of the citizens did not want. It has made unemployment jump and continue to climb. More people are out of work, and unemployment is running higher than any time in our history since the Great Depression. Almost 15 million Americans are out of work, now.

The Democrats have spent more tax monies in history in the past two years, and things are getting worse.

Under this administration, if our debtors called in what we owe, this nation is broke.

We have a commanderin chief who had and has no experience in leadership, military or holding a job, and it is showing.

We have a Congress who does nothing but spend monies that we do not have; that does no good for our economy, our safety or our freedoms.

Our nation, and especially our leaders, are not respected, not feared by leaders national or world leaders.

This Democratic administration has failed in everything they have done except move us closer to socialism and to becoming a welfare nation.

The "change" has been for this government to take from citizens who work and give to those citizens and illegals who do not work. Those who receive are all for the "change" until the workers run out of money and the lenders stop lending. That is getting closer.

This president has filled his cabinets and advisors with people as inexperienced in governing as he is, and it is showing. He has more czars than the Russians had.

Obama fired the CEO of a major cooperation and took it over with no constitutional authority. The Chicago mafia works the same way.

This is the first time in my 74 years as a citizen of these United States of America that I have ever wondered if we would survive such leadership.

On November 2, we have the opportunity, no the duty, to go to the polls and elect some people who will be our leaders on a local level to the very highest on state and national levels.

In the past, our very nation has never been up for being turned over to our lenders. We have some good people still in office, although it is my belief that term limits would have taken care of most of our problems with leadership. No federal, state or local office should become one person's or group’s office.

If those in office have worked for those who elected them, the people, instead of for themselves, or the party, I will vote to re-elect them. If they haven't, I will vote to kick them out.

The national debt clock is spinning. We now owe, or our children and grandchildren owe, $13,624,357,454,525.51. Yes, that is trillions, as of Oct. 10, 2010.

Based on estimated population of 309,264,305, each of us owes $44,054.12, before taxes.

Since September 2007, our national debt has climbed $4.17 billion dollars a day. Go to for a real, current Halloween shocker.

The only thing that stops debt, is to stop spending what you don't have. The only thing you can do to help that is for you to vote November 2!

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