2010-09-08 / Public Safety


August 30 799G Funeral escort, Grow St. • Served 3 subpoenas, S.O. • Accident, car vs. deer, Three Notch Rd. • Investigating activity, Whites Bridge Rd. • Served 2 Subpoenas, P.D. • Pick up papers, courthouse • Subpoena served, Perry St. • 4 Subpoenas served, Phillipsburg Rd. • Civil paper served, Hwy. 91S • Papers served, Mayhaw Rd.

August 31 799G Served 2 subpoenas, RYDC • Served subpoena, S.O. • Served subpoenas, Griggs Lucille Rd. • Served subpoena, Grimsley Bridge Rd.

September 1 799R Speak with subject, S.O. • Direct traffic, school zone • Suspicious vehicle, Thompson West Rd. • Speak with subject, S.O. • Return recovered property to owner, S.O. • Unruly juvenile, Brinson Rd.

799F Transport juveniles from Blakely R.Y.O.C. • Juvenile court • Transport juveniles back to Blakely R.Y.O.C. • Follow-up on damage to property 39 North assist 799N • Suspicious vehicle on West Thompson Rd. • Security checks • Pick up papers at courthouse • School zone

September 2 799R 911 Hang-up, Hwy. 91S • Direct Traffic, school zone • Service attempt, Grimsley Bridge Rd. • Service attempt, MLK St. • Paper served, Grimsley Bridge Rd. • Traffic stop

Incident Reports

Vehicle Accident

On August 30, 2010 Miller County Sheriff’s Dale Glover was dispatched to Three Notch Road in reference to a vehicle vs. deer.

Tequesta Michelle Pollard of Donalsonville was traveling south on Three Notch Road. A deer entered

DRS-into the path of Pollard’s vehicle, and the driver could not avoid the collision. The deer struck the center of the front bumper/hood area.

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