2009-08-19 / Public Safety

Police Department Reports

August 7 800G Suspicious Person/ Vehicle •Unlock Vehicle 2x

August 9 800G Theft by Taking

August 10 800D Disorderly Conduct Arrest •Traffic Stop 4x •Citation 3x •Assist EMS •Assist with Lost Pet

800E Suspicious Person/ Vehicle 2x •Damage to Property, Bird St. •Underage Consumption, Top Road

800S Damage to Property, Byrd St. •Fight, MLK Jr. St. •Speak with Subject, Badcock St. •Escort, Sheriff's Office

August 11 800D Accident, Crawford St. •Assist EMS •Fire •Bond Out

800E Seat belt, Crawford St. •Accident •Mental Subject, N. Second St. •Suspicious Person/Vehicle, Taylor St. and MLK Jr. St. •Disturbance, E. Bush St. •Escort •Suspicious Person/Vehicle 2x

800S Traffic Stop, N. Cuthbert St. •Traffic Stop, MLK Jr. St. and Taylor St. •Speak to Subject, Police Department •Assist 800E with Accident

August 13 800G Accident

August 14 800E Suspicious Person/ Vehicle 4x •Unlock Vehicle •Accident, Crawford St. and Brooks St. •Lost Billfold

800S Traffic Stop, Crawford St. •Assist 800D with Domestic, E. Dancer St. •Assist 800E and 800D with Accident, Crawford St.

August 15 800E Suspicious Person/ Vehicle •Assist Sheriff's Office with Escort 2x

800S Traffic Stop, N. 1st St. •Assist 800D with Traffic Stop, N. 1st St. •Assist 800D with Prisoner/ Subject in Custody •Assist 800D with Prisoner/ Subject in Custody, MLK Jr. St. and Taylor St. •Minor Accident

August 16 800E Assist EMS, Washington St. •Suspicious Person/Vehicle 5x

800S Traffic Stop, MLK Jr. St. •Tree Limb Down, W. Pine St. •Assist EMT's, Grow St.

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Vehicle Accident

On August 11, Kelly Jacobs Robinson was pulling west around the gas pumps. Thomas E. Davis was travelling north towards the store. Robinson pulled out in front of Davis. Robinson was found to be at fault for the accident for failure to yield right-of-way.

On August 13, Brittany Nicole Temples was traveling west on Main Street and was stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of Main Street and First Street. Raulston Blake was traveling north on First Street. Temples proceeded through the intersection after stopping but failed to yield for oncoming traffic. Blake struck Temples' vehicle. Temples was found at fault for failing to yield after stopping at a stop sign. There were no injuries; neither subject requested EMS.

On August 14, Julia Anne Smith's vehicle was parked in a parking spot. Codi Renay Virgin was backing out of the adjacent parking lot. Virgin's vehicle sideswiped Smith's vehicle. Virgin was found to be at fault for Improper Backing.

On August 15, Hugh Dylan Broome was traveling east on College Street when Broome advised that he fell asleep at the steering wheel. Broome continued through the curve leaving the roadway coming in contact with the light pole at the corner of First Street and College Street. Extensive damage was done to the front of the vehicle.

On August 15, Jennette Beacham was attempting to back up from the parking space. Zachary Phillip Golden was at the gas pump. Beacham misjudged the clearance and struck Golden's vehicle. Beacham's rear driver's side bumper struck Golden's front side bumper, causing slight damage to Golden's vehicle and no damage to Beacham's vehicle.

Public Drunk

On August 15, Devone W. Todd was placed under arrest and transported to the jail where he was booked in and received a citation for public drunk.

Theft by Taking

On August 16, Kelly Shunadrell stated that a hundred dollars had been taken from inside her purse. Kelly stated that she had a Mr. Shepard in her car shortly before she left the Top Road Dance Club and also had been in her car while out on Washington Street. Mr. Shepard was advised of what had been told. Mr. Shepard allowed Officer Scott Cleveland to check his clothing down to his socks to show that he did not have any money on him. Kelly was advised that due to her or anyone else not seeing Mr. Shepard take the money he could not make an arrest.

Disorderly Conduct

On August 10, Deon Linner Galvin could be heard yelling and using profanity. Galvin was told several times to calm down and quit screaming and cursing. Galvin became aggressive and kept approaching and cursing Officer Cleveland; at this time Galvin was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and placed in Officer Cleveland's patrol unit. Galvin was then transported to the jail where he was booked and received a citation.

On August 15, Micheal Tyrone Roberts began cursing and yelling, interfering with an investigation. Roberts was asked several times to keep quiet and calm down. After failure to do so, Officer Cleveland began to approach Roberts to place him under arrest. Roberts attempted to leave the scene on a bicycle, but Officer Cleveland was able to grab the bike and placed Roberts under arrest. Roberts was transported to the jail where he was booked in and received a citation for disorderly conduct.

Underage Consumption

On August 10, Anthony Isiah Thompson was found with blood all over his clothing. Officer Medina asked Thompson if he had been fighting. Thompson advised that he had fallen down and caused all the lacerations on his body. Officer Medina asked Thompson had he been drinking. Thompson advised that he had drunk approximately five beers. Thompson was unable to take the Portable Alcosensor test properly. Thompson kept stating that he had been drinking. Officer Medina asked Thompson how old he was and Thompson advised that he was 20 years old. Thompson was then placed in handcuffs and advised that he was under arrest for under-age consumption.


On August 11, Kelly Jacobs Robinson advised that she got into her 1998 Mercury Sable and went to leave the Petro Station when she pulled out in front of someone causing him to hit her car. Upon speaking further with Robinson, Officer Medina smelled an odor of alcohol. Robinson was asked to blow into a portable road side Alco Sensor. Robinson tested positive for alcohol in her blood stream. Robinson was then advised that she was under arrest for suspicion of DUI less safe. Robinson was transported to the Miller County Sheriff's Office and was tested on the Intoxilyzer 5000. Robinson's BAC was a .067. Robinson was then charged with DUI.


On August 11, Russell Womble stated that someone entered a storage building and stole a pressure washer wand.

Lost Billfold

On August 14, Charlotte W. Boston stated that she believed that she had left her billfold on the counter at the store, but when she came back to retrieve it approximately 15 minutes later she was unable to find the billfold.

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