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Bainbridge - There was pure shock when Addie Jackson pulled back the bed cover to see the new baby doll, and it moved. She took off running next door and sent her daughter to see what was going on. What her daughter found was a newborn baby, about eight hours old.

About 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, Addie had been watching the kids while her niece, Shamira Herring, left with her uncle. Addie went for a clean diaper and saw what she thought was a new baby doll in the bed.

Sheriff's Deputy Daryl Long reported that he spoke with Shamira's uncle. He said his sister called a friend of the family, Sandra Pearson, who works at Memorial Hospital. Mr. Jackson said Sandra came over at about 2:30 p.m. and cleaned up the child. Her uncle said Shamira denied having birthed the child and claimed a boy brought the baby to the house and said it belonged to a cousin. His sister then called 911 and EMS and sheriff's deputies responded.

Deputy Long then spoke with 20-year-old Shamira Herring. Shamira told the deputy that she was at her house that morning when a boy brought her a baby and said it belonged to her cousin. Shamira said she did not know who the boy was or the cousin's name. She told the deputy the baby was not hers.

Shamira's mother, Von Herring, was visibly upset and said she thought the baby did belong to Shamira.

Sheriff's Sgt. Steve Singleton asked Shamira to go to the hospital along with the baby to be checked, and she agreed. At the hospital, Shamira finally admitted to investigators the baby was hers. The family was not aware that she was pregnant.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the baby remains in the hospital. Sheriff's Captain Liz Croley stated the episode was still under investigation.

Blakely - Authorities responded to a shooting at Coheelee Creek Park late Tuesday to find a victim had been shot in the chest.

The ensuing investigation revealed that campsite resident, James Cannon, 76, had allegedly confronted and assaulted Ronnie Conally, 44, who had also been camping at the park, with an axe handle, accusing him of theft.

While defending himself, Conally took the axe handle away from Cannon. Cannon then took out a gun he had concealed in his pocket and shot Conally in the chest. Conally was able to flee through a wooded area and flag down another person who called 911.

Deputies arrested Cannon without further incident at his campsite. He has been charged with aggravated assault and will likely face additional charges. Conally has since been released from the hospital and is recovering.

Donalsonville - Another member of the gang of evil men who invaded this county back in May 1973 and murdered six members of the Ned Alday family has died and is now buried in Crawfordville, FL. Billy Isaacs was 51 years old, according to the obituary information released by the Harvey-Young Funeral Home in Wakulla, FL.

He had lived in Florida for the last seven years. He was self-employed in home renovations and worked in a prison ministry as a prison chaplain at the time of his death. He also did volunteer work at Wakulla Christian Schools.

Billy Isaacs was the youngest member of the gang, and he went along for the murders of the Aldays. He was tried in Donalsonville along with the others a year after the murders and received a death sentence.

Later they were all given new trials by the 11th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and along the way to that retrial made an agreement with the prosecution granting him life in prison for turning against his fellow defendants and testifying against them. He spent the next years in prison in Florida and Georgia until his release several years ago.

It is understood that Wayne Carl Colemen is still in prison in Reidsville, serving a life sentence.

Carl Isaacs was the only one of the murderers executed by the state for his part in the crimes. He was considered the leader of the murders. He was put to death by lethal injection back in 2003.

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