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And the winners are...

And by MCL staff writer

Judge McNease wins locally. Judge McNease wins locally. Most folks already know the election results if they have a TV or radio. Many of the local races were settled long before this election on November 4, but they were not elected until they received at least one vote.

On November 4, according to the election summary report, all local candidates without opposition were elected. All of the candidates that ran on the non-partisan ballot without opposition won.

In the Miller County election, those candidates with opposition who ran received the following votes:
U.S. President
John McCain (R) 1899
Brarack Obama (D) 818
Bob Barr (L) 21
US Senate
Saxby Chambliss (R) 1621
Jim Martin (D) 853
Allen Buckley (L) 68
Public Service Commissioner
H. Doug Everett 1657
John H. Monds (L) 411

Public Service Commissioner L McDonald, Jr (R) 1306 Jim Powell (D) 890 Brandon Givens (L) 70

US House Lee Ferrell (R) 905 Sanford Bishop (D) 1657

Court of Appeals Tamela L. Adkins 152 Sara Doyle 270 Bruce M. Edenfield 59 Christopher McFadden 145
winners are...
Perry J. McGuire 71
M. Meyer Von Bremen 500
Mike Sheffield 554
Probate Judge
Brenda G. McNease 1779
Henry Worsley 797
Constitutional Amendment 1
Yes 1387
No 805
Constitutional Amendment 2
Yes 1031
No 1254
Constitutional Amendment 3
Yes 874
No 1254
Of the 3846 registered voters, 2753 cast a ballot, or 71.58 percent. These numbers are official, with 10 of the 31 provisional ballots being added to the official report. Of the 2753 ballots cast, 1076 used the early voting, and 168 absentee ballots were counted. Over 33 percent had voted before the polls opened on election day, up to 40 days prior.

There will be a General Election run-off on December 2, for those offices where one of the candidates did not receive 50.1 percent of the vote. These contests are as follows:

•Sen. Saxby Chambliss and Jim Martin will run again for the U.S. Senate seat.

•Public Service Commission will have a run-off between Lauren W. McDonald, Jr. and Jim Powell

In the seven person race for Court of Appeals, the two candidates with the most votes for a run-off are Sara Doyle and Mike Sheffield.

Watch the newspaper for when you can vote, where and who can vote in this Run-Off General Election to be held on December 2, 2008, at the regular polling place.

The turn-out is not expected to be anywhere near the General Election turn-out, which might be a record.

The U.S. Senate race, the Public Service Commission race and the Court of Appeals race will all have a direct bearing on all citizens' lives.


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