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Pirates are Region Champions!

By Glenda Bailey/ Debra Harrell

Pirate offense gets ready for a touchdown run. Pirate offense gets ready for a touchdown run. Pirate captains were Dalton Snipes, Tony Grier, and Robert Baker, and as the game got underway, Miller County was on the receiving end with Jamichael Shepard catching the pig in the end zone. The Pirates picked up three first downs but were unable to score, causing Pirate Russell Hart to boot away the ball.

Clinch County was quick to pick up yardage and three first downs, but the Pirates' Black Death Defense was on top of every play with McQuel Sims, Dalton Snipes, Jarrett Rahymes, Zenario Shuler, Colby Gilbert, and Cosby Salters. The Panthers had to end up punting the ball to the Pirates with Salters taking a hold of the ball and running 40 yards to the Panthers' 10 before being brought down by a pack of snarling Panthers. First and goal for the Pirates, Shawndre Sheffield picked up six yards. Second and 4, Trez Morgan kept the pigskin home to gain 3 yards. Third and 1, Shepard was stopped by a couple of big cats. On fourth and 1, Morgan again kept the pig home and stepped into the Panthers' end zone for a touchdown Pirates! Chris Williams' point attempt was centered, and the Pirates were on the board, 7-0.

As Williams kicked off to the Panthers receiver, Russell Hart and Tony Grier were there to meet the Cat. Clinch only had control for four plays, causing the Panthers to boot away to the Pirates with the ball coming down at the Pirates' 48 yard line. The Pirates were driving down hard on the Panthers as the first quarter came to an end with the score 7-0.

As the second quarter began, Miller County still had control but not for long as the Panthers' defense tightened up, causing our boys to boot away. Both teams exchanged possession of the ball four or five times during this quarter, but both were unable to score as the first half of the game came to an end with the score of 7-0 in favor of the Miller County Pirates.

The half time show was everything but boring as the Miller County Marching Band performed for the Clinch County fans and the Pirate fans. Mr. Richard Horne has worked diligently with our band members, and it showed on the field at halftime. Hats off to our band, you rock!

The second half of the game got underway with the Panthers on the receiving end and just inside the third quarter. Clinch County scored a touchdown, and their point attempt was good, making it a new ballgame, 7-7.

Clinch kicked off to Miller County with Shanwdre Sheffield receiving the ball. Sheffield ran hard before being brought down at the Pirates' 48 yard line. The Pirates could not seem to get their groove on during this possession of the pig, so they had to boot away to the Panthers.

Clinch County was driving down and was picking up yardage along the way, but what happened next shocked the Panthers through their hide. Clinch County quarterback's pass was intended for his receiver, but Black Death Defender #26, McQuel Sims shattered the Panthers' dreams as he intercepted the pass and ran for 53 yards.

The Pirates had taken over control, and it only took three drives with Trez Morgan handing off to his younger brother, Shawndre Sheffield, to score a touchdown. Again Williams' point attempt was dead center, and the Pirates were up 14-7 on the Panthers.

This is where flags began to pop out like popcorn on a hot stove. The Pirates were playing as hard as any team has every played, but those old yellow flags kept popping out. But our Black Death Defense did not cuddle down; they stood tall like a Miller County Pirate has always done and anchored their feet and their strong arms.

As the fourth and final quarter began, the score stood 14-7, and it took the Pirates only two plays to add more points on their side. Robert Baker set up the game winning touchdown with a blocked punt. Again Brother Morgan handed off to brother Sheffield to score, and Williams' point attempt was good, bringing the score 21-7.

On the Panthers' next possession, those big Cats picked up four first downs and a touchdown. The Panthers tried a two point conversion. The holder attempted to cut to the right and flip the ball behind his back to the kicker, but he was unable to reach the end zone for the two points. Clinch, however, was closing in on our Pirates, 21-13.

When Clinch County kicked off to the Pirates this go around, Shanwdre Sheffield received the ball. Sheffield broke, and that was all she wrote for an 80 yard touchdown, but there was a flag. It was against Miller County, so Sheffield's dynamic run was called back. Our boys made every attempt to drive down field, but flags were many, and penalties were costly. Our boys even attempted a field goal, but it was no good. The Panthers took over on their own 20 yard line.

Clinch picked up two first downs, and flags began to pop out against them, WHEW!!! Those hungry Cats were trying their best to put more points up, and they did. The Panthers' extra point was no good, but the score stood at 21-19 with only 2 minutes and 23 second left in the ball game.

Clinch County thought they would kick an onside kick and get the ball back, but our boys were ready for them and the short kick. Chris Williams was the player who jumped on the squealing pig for the Pirates. Brother to brother again worked as the offensive line did its job to open holes up, so Sheffield could pick up a first down. First and 10 with seconds ticking down, quarterback Morgan went to the side line to take a breather, so our young Pirate quarterback Caleb Cunningham could take over. Cunningham spiked the ball as the last second disappeared on the scoreboard, and the buzzer sounded. The game was officially over. The Miller County Pirates won Region 1-A, and they are our champions.

You have to give credit where credit is due and that is to our defense. These young men did their job so that our offense could put the points on the scoreboard. Thank you, Black Death Defense, all of you are stars!

Also further credit has to be given where credit is due, and that is to Ms. Debra Harrell. The sports writer was unable to attend the game over in Clinch County, so therefore Ms. Debra took along paper and pencil to take notes on the game. Thank you, Ms. Debra, for your dedication to the football team.

This Friday night, the Miller County Pirates will be hosting the Dooly County Bobcats with game time 8:00 p.m.. All Pirate fans come wearing red to show your Pirate Spirit!

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