2008-11-12 / Community

Mr. Stanley

submitted by: Jack Warner

Mr. Stanley had lived a full and prosperous life accumulating a sizable amount of wealth. Time was fast approaching, and his four children were gathered around his deathbed.

As the 80-year-old man seemed to doze off in a blissful sleep, the children started to discuss the final funeral plans.

One wanted to spend a hundred dollars for a coffin, a second thought a plain wooden box would do, and the third was even ready to dump the remains into a paper sack.

All agreed there was no reason to spend much money as their father would never know the difference.

Mr. Stanley stirred. Having heard every word, he thought it was time to set the record straight.

"Children," he said, "I've never told you this and never wanted to, but I can't go to my final resting place with this burden. My darling children, your mother and I were never married."

His oldest son was aghast. "You mean we're all children born of unwed parents?"

Mr. Stanley said, "Yes, and cheap ones, too!"

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