2008-07-16 / Opinion

Ebony Dots & Dashes

by Katie Smith

Last week was one of joy for me. My granddaughter had already made it home, and my son came in Saturday evening. So my day was complete.

Traveling has gotten a bit weary for Rudolph. He is a few days older to make the trip home now. Pennsylvania is a "furr" piece from here. We were glad to see him.

Tis the season for canning and freezing. I will try to put up a few bags of peas to help me survive the winter.

Went to church in Baker County last Sunday at Pleasant Hill M.B. Church where I attended as a child and after reaching adulthood. It was good to see many of the old friends and to see the young adults that were babies when I was there conducting services, and their children in the choir. Good work, to the few older members that are left.

Had a chance to see my cousin H.K. Benton, Sr. He was at church, too.

My great-granddaughter made E-6 in the Navy. I'm so proud of her. Her name is April Reynolds. She's stationed in Chesapeake, VA. She came down for a few days to see her family and friends; we had her a surprise get-together. She is the daughter of Vickie and David Dunnell and the late Alfonza Morgan.

Birthdays, Latissa Butler, July 11; Herman Williams, July 12; Gwendolyn Lane, July 15. The family took her out for a day of fun.

Mr. George McCray has retired from working at the Spring Creek Park. He has enjoyed the 13 years of service, but health reasons have caused him to try and reserve what little health he has. He thanks the committee for the interest shown to him.

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