2008-07-16 / Front Page

And the winners are

By MCL staff writer

Here it is Wednesday, and there are no General Primary results in this newspaper.

Back several years ago, the Miller County Liberal changed the publication dates from Thursday, to Wednesday. Most of our subscribers and readers really liked it because they got their newspaper a day earlier.

About the only time our readers don't like to get their newspaper earlier is when there is an election or primary. The results always come on Tuesday, unless you live in Florida. We always print on Tuesday morning. There is no way we can publish the election or primary results in that week's newspaper since the results are Tuesday night.

On the other hand, we will report the primary and election results on our website at as soon as we can get them from the election office. Many of our subscribers use our website because current or time sensitive news, such as election results are published immediately.

Until our population rises by approximately 40,000 residents, and advertising comes in to warrant us to go daily, the website is your best alternative for election and late breaking news.

There is a catch. You must be a subscriber to get all of the current weekly newspaper and late breaking news on our website the day it happens.

Normally, a website subscriber can be reading the current Miller County Liberal on our website before we return from the presses with the printed copy.

If you have a computer and internet or access to a computer with internet, the website is the way to go.

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