2008-07-16 / Breaking News

Primary Election Results for Miller Co.

 By Terry Toole

The unofficial results on the July 15, General Primary are as follows:

Democratic Ballot

United States Senate

Dale Cardwell          276

Vernon Jones       274

Rand Knight         63

Josh Lanier       128

Jim Martin                     624


Public Service


Bob Indech       172

Jim Powell             1025


U.S. Representative

Sanford Bishop           1504


State Representative

Gerald Greene             1435


District Attorney

T. Craig Earnest          1326


Clerk of Superior Court

Randy Brown        162

Bob Eldridge        134

Gail Johnson        636

Jennifer Moore        672

Kay Phillips Smith        395



H.E."Buddy" Glass      1480

Gerald Jenkins          527


Tax Commissioner

Thad Richardson        832

Jennifer G. Williams     1140



Danny B.Sheffield      1727



 Danny C. Griffin         1541


County Commissioner D-1

Frankie C. Phillips        304


Board of Education D-1

Rodney Bryan        164

Leroy Bush        233


County Commissioner D-3

David Givens          62

Wallace Phillips        215

Allen Worsley        140


Board of Education D-3

David Lovering        346


County Commissioner D-5

Jimmy (Bo) Haywood    300

Howard Small        139


Board of Education D-5

Terry Pickle       393


Republican Ballot

United States Senate

Saxby Chambliss              9


Public Service 


Rick Collum                      3

H. Doug Everett                4


Public Service 


Pam Davidson                   2

Lauren W.McDonald, Jr.   7                 


U.S. Representative in 111th Congress from the 2nd Congressional 

District of Georgia

Lee Ferrell                        8


State Senator from 

11th District

John Bulloch                    8

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