2008-07-16 / Calendar

birthdays and calendar of events

WEDNESDAY, July 16 Birthdays: Jack Mercer Hall, Donna Houston, Juanita Houston, Dylan Cox, Brandon Fulford, Roger Atkinson Jr., Billy Kimbrel, Ashley Spooner, Alaina Smith, Melanie Amerison Morales, Justin Johnson, Antonio Walters; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Timmy Mears

THURSDAY, July 17 Birthdays: Danny Lovering, Brian Pickle, Nicholas Smith, Ansley Jones, Dick Tabb, Beverly Clements, Margie A. Lewis, Dawn Clenney Cunningham, Ray Lee, Billie Lee Houston, Lucus Jordan, Karen Gowan, Stella Hewett, Laura Reynolds, Stephanie Smith, Katrell Dunn Brooks, Tim Watson, Pat Parish, Scott Mitchell; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Benefield Sr.

FRIDAY, JULY 18 Birthdays: Jack Boyd, Stuart Brooks, Sarah Elizabeth Goldman, Scott Brown, Burnell Grant Jr., Mollie Jones, Benny Miller, Mac Cox, Wayne Peterson, Whitley D. Jones; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Atkinson Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Calhoun

SATURDAY, JULY 19 Birthdays: Russell Nash, Joyce Cook, Gordon Richardson, Ray Peterson, Carole Kenney, Josephine Bush; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. James F. McNease

SUNDAY, JULY 20 Birthdays: Lavon Clenney, Ben Clenney, Dewayne Daniels, Hilton Richardson, Karen Roland Cook, Lynn Wallace, Rita Mathis, Betty Anne Bush, Beverly Galvin, Amos George, Ricco Reliford, Jaa Tucker, Chris Wilkin, Lamar Gordon, Noah Hayman, Andrew Worsley;

Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tully, Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood Dunlap

MONDAY, JULY 21 Birthdays: Blaine Everson, Ronnie McNease, Kelley Summers, Shelva Gibson, Bubba Lovering, Don Middleton, Ricky Allen, Jerry W. Roland, Melvin Perkins, Robert Madden, Kay Fleet, Shane Brown, Laci Ashton Phillips, Louise Lovering, Ronnie Wakefield, Candyce Burns; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. LeDon McVey

TUESDAY, JULY 22 Birthdays: Mac Lane, Tim Williams, Rufus Todd; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Louie Grimes, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cobb, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Don Simpson If you would like to add your name or some family member's name to our calendar, please mail or e-mail it to us. If you see anything that needs to be corrected, such as a death, a divorce, marriage or error, please call us at 229/758- 5549, or it may stay in our master file forever. We at the Miller County Liberal wish you all much happiness on your very special day.

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