2008-04-09 / Public Safety

Law Enforcement Reports

Simple Battery

On March 30, OfficerDale Glover received a call from dispatch about a domestic on Three Notch Road. Upon arrival, OfficerGlover saw Danielle Barber in the driveway, and James Maxell Johnson standing by the road. Barber stated that Johnson had choked her, grabbed and pushed her. Johnson stated that he had only pushed her. Johnson was arrested and charged with simple battery.

On March 4, OfficerDale Glover was dispatched to Springhead Road in reference to a mental person. Upon arrival, Officer Glover spoke with William Zachary Langley, who is the son of Cynthia Stuart. Langley advised that Stuart was attempting to jump onto her mother. Langley said that he jumped in between Stuart and Faustine Shiver Cook to stop Stuart. Langley advised that he was telling his mother to stop and go sit down. Stuart then attacked Langley, causing bruising and scratch marks with her finger nails. Langley also stated that he was hit in the face and kicked in the chest area. OfficerGlover observed a red mark between his pectoral muscles on his chest, a bruise and scratch mark on his right neck/collar bone area, and scratches and bruising on his left lower rib area. OfficerGlover photographed all areas. Arthur Cook was a witness to the incident. OfficerGlover made contact with Stuart, and she was talking out of her head and not making any sense. Stuart has been dealt with numerous times in the past for her violent behavior toward her family, but she had never made physical contact as far as OfficerGlover knew. Stuart doesn't take her medication as she should and becomes imbalanced. Stuart had fought with deputies numerous times. Stuart's actions of violence seem to be progressing. Due to Stuart's mental state, she was transported to the Miller County Hospital and evaluated by the medical staff. Stuart was then transported to Albany Crisis.

Damage caused by Blown Tire

On April 4, OfficerGlover was dispatched to Hwy. 45 North in reference to an accident. OfficerGlover spoke with Lamar James Bush who advised that his front left tire had blown out. OfficerGlover advised that he did not make reports for a blown out tire. Bush then stated that the tire had damaged his car. OfficerGlover walked around to the driver's side and observed all the molding being knocked off, a dent in the fender and the fender was also pushed up and out of place. OfficerGlover observed the tire, and it was apparent that the tread had come off of the tire causing the damage. Bush showed the officerthe tread that had come off the tire, and it looked to be in very good shape as did the tire. Bush's vehicle was a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville 4-door that is tan in color.

Accident Roddriquez Peterson stated that he was turning onto old Albany Road when Demetrous Hayes went to pass him on the left hand side of the road, causing him to hit the right rear side of the vehicle. Hayes stated that he went to pass the vehicle, thinking he was turning right and did not see the turn signal until he was in the process of passing Peterson.

Andrea Beth Josey was backing up in a southward direction.

Billy Jim Cherry was parked in the parking lot. Josey misjudged clearance and struck Cherry. Josey's rear passenger side bumper struck Cherry's front driver side bumper, causing minor damage to Cherry's Chevy C1500 and slight damage to Josey's Chevy Trailblazer. No citation and no injuries were reported at the time of the report, and pictures were taken.

On March 31, Betty Davis was backing from a parking space in the parking lot of Grow Drug. While backing, Davis struck the exterior sign of the store with the rear of the vehicle, causing extensive damage to the sign. Slight damage was done to the rear of Davis' Dodge Dynasty. No report of injuries was made while on scene. No citations were issued. The sign that was hit appeared to be totally destroyed. The sign belonged to Grow Drug.

Marijuana Possession

On April 5, while on patrol Officer Dan Stone noticed a white in color Ford Focus traveling north on Crawford St. The vehicle was weaving, hitting the center line twice. Officer Stone stopped the vehicle just past Spring Creek Bridge and made contact with the driver, Lenzie Grant. OfficerStone asked him for his license and proof of insurance. Grant stated that he did not have a license. OfficerStone got Grant out of the vehicle and could smell a strong odor of alcohol about his person. Grant stated that he had drunk three 40 ounce beers. OfficerStone attempted to administer a field sobriety test on the offender, but Grant was too intoxicated to obey verbal commands. OfficerStone ran a road side alco-sensor test on the offender which read positive for a large amount of alcohol in the offender's system. OfficerStone then placed the offender under arrest and read him the implied consent. OfficerStone then searched the offender and found a plastic bag in the offender's shirt pocket which contained about a dozen marijuana seeds. Grant was booked.

On March 29 while on stationary patrol, OfficerHollis Smith could hear loud music before he saw the vehicle, a black Dodge Charger, pass by with loud music. OfficerSmith conducted a traffic

stop and asked the driver, Denaryl Charles Benton, for his license and insurance card. Benton handed OfficerSmith his license and advised the car was a rental from Enterprise LSG. OfficerSmith advised Benton of the reason he stopped him. Benton advised he did not need another loud music ticket. Benton could not provide a rental agreement or an insurance card on the vehicle, Benton then advised he worked for the company. Officer Smith asked Benton if he could search the vehicle and was advised he could. OfficerMedina advised he found a small green leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana in the passenger side of the vehicle. Benton was placed under arrest at this time.

Forgery of Checks

On March 19, OfficerKenneth Kirkland responded to Wilkin's IGA in reference to possible forged checks. OfficerKirkland made contact with Jodie Jarvis who stated she had received several checks on a Tamie Hooks, and the checks came back as a closed account. Jarvis stated she then checked her surveillance camera system and identified a possible offender. OfficerKirkland then seized copies of these checks and a copied disk of the camera system for evidence. On March 28, OfficerKirkland spoke with Tamie Hooks and questioned her about the forged checks. Hooks stated the checks were stolen from her residence, and the account had been closed for a couple of years. Hooks stated she had the checks stored and is unfamiliar how Rhonda Jo English got them. On April 3, OfficerKirkland went to the Donalsonville Police Department and spoke to the suspect, Rhonda English. OfficerKirkland read English her rights and asked her if she wished to talk, to sign the waiver. English signed the waiver and gave a statement of guilt. On April 4, OfficerKirkland went to the Magistrate's Office,at which time, 15 warrants were taken on English for forgery.

Aggravated Assault

On April 1, Officer Dan Stone and Officer Scott Cleveland were conducting a drug investigation on E. Dancer Street. Upon their arrival, OfficerStone and OfficerCleveland were walking up to speak with the subjects, when Tony Williams leaped from the porch and began running, OfficerStone gave multiple verbal commands for the subject to stop. When Williams did not comply, Officer Stone attempted to deploy his taser but was unsuccessful. Officer Cleveland gave foot pursuit of the subject north of E. Dancer Street. The subject continued running behind a house where he threw down a pill bottle with a white top. The officer in pursuit immediately grabbed the bottle from the ground and continued pursuit. The officer was able to take the subject to the ground, but Williams was very combative. Williams grabbed the officeraround his throat while struggling to take the bottle which he did and threw the bottle to Dorothy Grant who was present the entire time of the struggle. The officerwas able to free himself and drew his weapon on Williams. Williams was taken into custody. The pill bottle that Grant walked away with was also retrieved for evidence. Warrants will be taken on both subjects for the appropriate charges.

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