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A good Citizen/Samaritan

by MCL staff writer

Rodney Bryan, being the good Samaritan that he is, is seen hooking up to a stranger to help him out of a tough spot on the square.
The call came in at 10:45 a.m. Tuesday April 1, that someone had driven into the curb on the southwestern corner of the square in Colquitt.

When this reporter arrived at the scene, there were a number of people standing around looking at what happened. Several stated that no one was injured, other than the pride of the driver.

It was told that the driver was messing with his cell phone and did not see the low drain area as his left front wheel on the pickup truck dropped into the hole.

One spectator said, "He has to be a lawyer, wearing a tie and cursing as he got out. I hope it didn't hurt the truck. That is a fine looking truck."

Another man stated, "He is a lawyer, and the tires can rot off before I'll help an out-oftown lawyer."

Rodney Bryan pulled up behind the truck and asked if he could help.

That seemed like the stranger's only chance to get off the concrete that held his truck. He accepted Rodney's offer.

Bryan hooked his chain to the back of the stranger's truck, and in minutes, the man was ready to go.

"I just got my truck out of the shop where someone had hit it in the front and drove off without telling anyone," the stranger stated. He thanked Rodney for the help and drove off.

Rodney was in a store when someone said, "You could have lost votes doing what you did on April Fool's Day. That was a lawyer you pulled out of that hole on the square, an out-of-town lawyer."

"I never did get the man's name or know where he was from. He just needed some help, and I did what I would do for anyone," Bryan said.

I guess that is why Rodney Bryan has received numerous awards from his community and the members of the Colquitt/Miller County Volunteer Firemen. He will get up anytime, day or night, and fight fires and help anyone one in need, even a lawyer. He is vice chairman of the Colquitt/ Miller County Chamber of Commerce this year.

Citizens like Rodney Bryan give this county and community a good name.

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