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Housing survey set for March 1

Volunteers needed

Colquitt, GA - Housing is by far the most important single asset on the household budget", says Barbara Reddick, a planner at the Southwest Georgia Regional Development Center (RDC) and Director of the Southwest Georgia Housing Task Force. "Housing creates jobs and generates tax revenues, something counties in this region desperately need." Housing is important to families, it's important to the City of Colquitt, and it's important to the region."

The City of Colquitt will conduct a door-to-door survey on houses in targeted neighborhoods that have been identified for rehabilitation. The survey will be utilized to determine which neighborhood should be priority for the City. The local Georgia Initiative for Community Housing (GICH) Committee will be assisting with the administration and collection of surveys. The information is also needed for the City to apply for various grants to assist home owners with repair of homes and to assist potential home owners with needed funds such as down payment assistance and credit counseling. The City of Colquitt will also use the survey results to understand and identify the needs of the individuals and families living in the target areas.

This information will also be used as a guide and planning tool in grant applications and housing construction development. Working through and with the RDC, the City's volunteers will survey the neighborhoods; the RDC will assist with the survey process and provide photographs and mapping information of the homes. These efforts will allow the City to identify and develop strategies to meet the current housing needs and increase the availability of opportunities for home ownership. The survey is one piece of a comprehensive plan that the City has develop to address the housing needs in the community", stated Cory Thomas, City Manager.

The survey will be conducted on Saturday, March 1, 2008. Volunteers will meet at the Family Resource Center in Colquitt, Georgia at 9:00 AM. Training will be conducted on the administering of the survey and volunteers will be given maps of their assigned areas.

The report compiled from the survey information will be funded through a grant requested by the local GICH Committee submitted to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. Debra Atkinson, Chairperson of the local GICH Committee, is requesting any volunteer that can assist in the door to door survey on March 1, please meet at the Family Resource Center located next to the Sheriff Department. The volunteer teams will meet at Daryl's Place afterwards to submit the completed survey forms and for a complementary and appreciation lunch.

Thanks to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, GICH Committee, SW GA. RDC, local volunteers and local sponsors for their efforts. Volunteers, please call Kathy Burch at Family Connection - 758-3059 for more information or to register to assist.

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