2008-02-27 / Calendar

birthdays and calendar of events

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 27 Birthdays: Lillian Sullivan, Chuck Cutchen, Walter Daniels, Mickey Henley, Marty Henley, Max Stuart, Lisa Warren, Martha Williams, Crystal Harris, Lynn Hand, Marianne Melton, Elaine Cross, Alice J. Ellis, Christy Brown, Joshua Tabb, Joseph L. Miller, Alfred Roberts; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Tony Hutto, Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Bush

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 28 Birthdays: Rita Key Phillips, Riley Israel, Vic McNease, Stanley Houston, Monroe Rainey, Kathy Dugan, Kattie Atkinson, Joyce Heard, Amanda Calhoun Rentz, Lanie Birdsong, Tammy Ray Heard

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29 Birthdays: None

SATURDAY, MARCH 1 Birthdays: Rusty Clenney, Dorothy Givens, Rob Nash, Sherrie Daniels, Charles J. Wiggins, Rhonda Snyder, Barbara Kirkland

SUNDAY, MARCH 2 Birthdays: Don Calhoun, Chris Chambers, Marcie Miller, Don Layton, Allison Mathis

MONDAY, MARCH 3 Birthdays: Sheila Houston, Jan Rentz, Marla Whitaker, Vardell Gilbert, Ferrell Keaton, Paul Martin, Jack Dugan, Alice Morton, Helen Floyd, Mary Evelyn Smith, Ashleigh Hayman; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. James Newberry

TUESDAY, MARCH 4 Birthdays: Brian Donley, Beth Yoder, Nellie Bailey McNease, Jay Bolton, Josie Cook,

Josh Roland, Gina Rue, Justin Stinson, Scott Roberts, Dorothy Milliner, Marilyn Williams,

Savannah Tabb; Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. Carey Moye

If you would like to add your name or some family member's name to our calendar, please mail or e-mail it to us. If you see anything that needs to be corrected, such as a death, a divorce, marriage or error, please call us at 229/758-5549, or it may stay in our master fileforever. We at the Miller County Liberal wish you all much happiness on your very special day.

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