2007-05-30 / Opinion

Up The Creek Without A Paddle

How many will we lose before we do something?
by Terry Toole

Since we've gotten our seniors through graduation, and it was great, and the rest of our young people are out of school for the summer, everyone watch out for them.

I've got to get back to what I promised that I would do to a certain public official. I'm going to do my best to let the people of this county know what is going on with our schools, our county, our city and anything else that will affect our lives, our children's lives and our pocketbooks. If this newspaper doesn't let you know, you can bet the bank that you will never find out from those who are doing it. Check how many "closed meetings" are called. They call it "executive meetings." The law says that a board is not required to close any meeting. They can, under certain circumstances, but are not required to keep you from knowing your own business.

People, lots of people, keep asking me why doesn't someone do something about the mess we are in with our public officials, our county government and our schools. Let me tell you, things are being done, but not everything that will be done has been done. Until our elected representatives on our boards do the will of the majority, they need to be replaced, preferably by the vote of the people, unless they are trying to do things that are not allowed by ethics, by law or by common sense. If their voting is affecting people's lives and the lives of their families due to rotten politics or pure spite, contempt or hate, it should be stopped and those officers should be removed from office as soon as possible by legal means.

If people are doing things that will damage our county, our schools, our institutions and most of all the education and lives of our young people, they need to be stopped, by whatever legal means available.

Most of our problems can be linked back to us. When we citizens put, or allow people to go into offices unopposed, who are not fit for office, we can expect to pay for this by having to pay higher taxes, and like any business with poor leadership, the business will go down. When people are allowed to be placed in offices of power when they can't or won't do what is right, the public will have to pay.

On June 30, we are going to lose one of the best principals, and his family (all home grown), we've ever had because of unethical officials getting someone back or paying political favors by using their powers of elective office. We have also lost more good teachers because of this mess that our board has made of our school system than ever before in the history of our schools.

If you have a board of education representative, call him/her and express your feelings of how the schools and the education of our children are being handled. I don't have a representative. When the time comes, we will try to change that.

Not only will the actions, or inactions, of this board cost us millions of dollars of tax monies, they are costing our county the good reputation that our schools have enjoyed over the years of educating our youth. We now have a reputation of leaders who could care less who continues to teach in our schools, how much it costs or who we lose.

If our not so esteemed chairman of the board of education has his way, the next grand jury will hear his side of the story on what I said to him in an open board meeting. If they get me, it wouldn't be a great loss. We have already lost many of our local leaders to this crew.

I admit that I disagreed with him and other board members on their actions or inactions. If a disagreement with an elected official is a criminal offense, I am guilty. If I still have a right to my opinion as a citizen of this county and of this United States, he is a liar, and I am not guilty.

According to several law officials, this charge against me might be a first in Miller County law for someone to keep being charged after the matter has been drop, but we must be "politically correct." We saw that at the graduation ceremonies.

This is not a threat, but a promise. If it is within my power, I will continue to report the news. I will continue to relate my opinions of what is going on, especially when it affects our children and our pocketbooks.

I have found that I don't have to remember what I said when I tell the truth.

We are at a point in our history where we can do what is right and just might be able to overcome this mess that has been made.

That truism about it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel has a lot of meaning. In our case, there is more than one rotten apple. It is up to the people to get those that are spoiling the barrel out.

You can't go bad doing the right thing. It can make some bad people mad, but that always happens when right beats wrong. If doing the right thing doesn't work, our barrel might already be rotten. I hope not.

There is an old saying, "You don't miss the water till the well runs dry."

Maybe He is trying to tell us , or show us, who is really in charge, if there was ever any doubt!

Pray for rain, too.

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