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Nursing Home News

This past week the Temple Baptist Praise Band came on Tuesday and led the residents in a praise and worship hour.

Thanks also to Mrs. Jane Wiggins for coming this past week to visit and reminisce with the residents, and also the residents enjoyed the pizza party. Thanks to David Bracewell for coming to entertain us with his music.

May 30-31

June 1-5 2007

Wednesday 10:30 Church by First Baptist. 2:30 Fitness Day

Thursday 10: 30 Bingo

2:30 Movies and popcorn

Friday 10:30 Music by Gayle Grimsley 2:30 Penny Ante

Saturday Family Day

2:30 Church by Rev. Richard Wright from Newton


10:00 Sunday School

4:00 Union Baptist Church

Monday 10:30 Bible study 2:30 Group exercise


10:30 Bingo

2:30 Puzzle and Game Day

Our wonderful visitors of the week include the following: Sammy Gardner, Russ and Georgia Ayers, Cathy Gardner, Joyce Kolluess, Billy and Eula, Gladin, Carolyn, Conard and Patricia Elsberry visited Pauline Gardner.

Paul and Marie Allen visited Tassie Grimsley.

Jack Herring visited Mannie Herring.

Steve and Shirley, Kerry and Lily Kate Holt, and Joy and Abbygale visited Grace McLendon.

Mary Burke visited Lazelle Smith.

Billy and Benita Tyson visited Joe Tyson.

Robyn and Skyler Beamon visited Dorsey and Myrlene Dunlap.

Samantha Rick and Asia Goss visited Lonnie Stromer.

Cheryl James visited Joshie Mae Choice.

Choice and Sabrina King, Gala King Wilson, Michael Wilson, Raymond King, Wanda King- Whitby, Clay Wright, Carlton King, Olando and Vickie Henderson, and Robert E. King visited Mattie King.

Shy Blanks and Kim visited Eddie William.

Dana, Paul, and Kim Houston visited Lucille O'Neal.

We invite everyone to come and visit.

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