2007-04-11 / Public Safety

public safety report

8 April 800E Disturbance, 630 North Cuthbert St. +Stand by, Inland +Stand by, Helen's +Escort, Ron-Cam +Citations: 1, Loud Music

800C Traffic stops 2x + Escort, Inland + Assist Motorist, Pine St. +Citations: 2, Loud Music

799G Criminal Trespass, Highway 91 North +Accident (Roll-Over), Three Notch Road +ATV in Roadway, Hornsby Road +Speak w/ Subject, Martin Lane +Criminal Trespass, Griggs/Lucille Road +Dogs Barking, Highway 45 South

7 April 800E Warnings: 3 800C Accident, Crawford Street + Escort, Inland + Escort, Petro +Traffic stops 2x +Harassment, Pine St. +Warnings: 2, verbal

6 April 800C Traffic stops 3x +Escort, Inland +Citations: 1, Open Container +Warnings: 3, verbal

799R Put out funeral signs, East Pine St. +Magistrate Hearing, Courthouse +Traffic stop, Mayhaw Road + Disturbance, Grady Cobb Rd. +Traffic stop, E. Pine St. +Arrests: 1 +Charges, 3 +Citations: 3, DUI, Failure to maintain lane, open container

5 April 800F Disturbance call, Cuthbert and Geer St. +North Second St., Stolen Bicycle +Escort, Inland 2x

800S Traffic stop 2x, Crawford St. +Traffic stop, Phillipsburg Rd. +Traffic Stop, Main St. (West) +Warnings: 2, verbal

799R Take paperwork to courthouse, Traffic stop, Highway 91 S.

4 April 800F Unlock Auto, 310 North First St. +Disturbance call, Spring Creek Villas +Disturbance Call/Suspicious Person, College & First St. +Disturbance call, Bush St. +Escort, Inland +Unruly Subject, ER

800S Assist Motorist, Highway 91 S. + Traffic stop, Crawford St. +Assist Motorist, Highway 45 S. +Suspicious Activity, Dollar General +Gas Drive-Off, Kangaroo Express +Escort, Crawford St. & Fourth St. +Warnings: 1, verbal +Unlock Vehicle 2x

799R Traffic stop, Bellview Rd. +Suspicious substance, Babcock Road +Funeral escort, Highway 27 N. +Juveniles breaking glass in road, Highway 91 N. +911 Hang-up, Highway 91 N. +Pick up funeral signs, Geer St. +Unlock vehicle, N. First St.

3 April 800E Fight, Milford St. (Basketball Courts) +Group in Roadway, Ron-Cam +Zone Checks +Stand by, Helen's +Stand by, Inland +Warnings: 2

800C Escort, Crawford St. +Traffic Stops 4x +Alarm +Keep check on stores +Citations: 2, speeding and open container +Warnings: 2, verbal 799G Escort 1x

2 April 799G Transport evidence to crime lab, Moultrie
                            911 Calls
4/2 Fudge Lane, Medical
4/2 Clay Brown Road, Child playing on
4/3 North First St., Robbery-Armed
4/3 Thompsontown Road, Medical
4/3 Brinson Road, Hang-Up
4/3 915 Headed Road, Reckless Driver
4/3 Floyd Road, Hang-Up (Kids)
4/3 Ruth Street, Hang-Up
4/3 Milford Sreet, Disturbance
4/3 Highway 91 North, Hang-Up
4/4 West Crawford Street, Phone
4/4 South Fourth Street, Gas Drive-Off
4/4 Highway 91 North, Phone Trouble
4/4 North Milford Street, Hang-Up
4/4 South Fourth Street, Escort
4/5 South Fourth Street, Escort
4/5 Patch Cook Road, Info Locksmiths
4/6 Highway 45 North, Medical
4/6 Highway 91 North, Stolen Cell Phone
4/6 Grady Cobb Road, Disturbance
4/6 Draper Jones Road, Seminole County
4/6 Avenue Road, Loud Music
4/7 Washington Street, Speak with Officer
4/7 Highway 45 North, Livestock
4/7 East Pine Street, Harassment
4/8 Three Notch Road, Wreck
4/8 North Milford Street, Hang-Up
4/8 South Fourth Street, Escort
4/8 Babcock Road, Tree in Road
    Sheriff Dept. Activities for March
Served 17 Felony Warrants
Served 11 Misdemeanor Warrants
Issued 21 Traffic Citations
Served 17 Magistrate Papers
Served 50 Civil Papers
Served 43 Subpoenas

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