2007-03-14 / Public Safety


11 March 800H Unlock Vehicle +Traffic Stop 2x +Warnings: 2, verbal

800C Domestic, Ron-Cam +Unlock Car, Babcock St. +Loud Music, Milford St. +Traffic Stops 5x +Gas drive-off +Unlock Vehicle +Citations: 2, loud music, 1 littering

800D Traffic stops 4x +Gas drive-off

Speak w/ officer, Pine St. +Speak w/ officer, Ron-Cam

800C Escort, Ron-Cam +Fight, IGA

Traffic stops 10x +Harassing phone calls +Unlock vehicle, Rite-Aid

Arrests: 1, Suspended license +Citations: 1, speeding, 6, loud music

Warnings: 3, verbal

799G Speak w/ deputy, Whites Bridge Rd. +Juvenile problem, Shingler Rd. +Speak w/ subject via phone

10 March 800H Fight, IGA +Loud Music + Removed subject from Church Parking lot, Milford St. +Escort

800D Traffic Stop 4x +Animal problem, S. Third St. +Speak w/ officer, S. Cuthbert St. +Dispute, the Fair +Complaint, Second St.

799G Welfare check, Hwy. 91 N +Assist motorist, Hwy. 91 N.

9 March 800S Traffic stop, Crawford St. +Traffic stop, W. Dancer St. +Speak w/ subject, S.O. +Escort +Warnings: 2, verbal

800C Accident, Geer St. +Accident, parking lot +Lost cell phone +Traffic stops 2x +Unwanted person, Washington St. +Arrests: 1, possession of cocaine +Warnings: 1, verbal 799G Suspicious vehicle, Babcock Rd.

8 March 800F Disturbance call, Third St. +Domestic, Second St. +Stand By, Pine St. +Stand By, Third St. +Escort

7 March 800F Domestic, Pine St. +Escort +Suspended Vehicle

6 March 800S Traffic stop, Crawford St. +Escort +Citations: 1

800C Alarm, Crawford St. +Unlock Car +Unlock car, IGA +Suspicious person, First St. +Traffic Stops +Warnings: 2, verbal

799G Escort, Crawford St. +ATVs in Road, Hornsby Rd. +Domestic, Avenue Road +Brush Fire, Whites Bridge Rd. +Accident, Hwy. 27 N

5 March 799G Escort, Moore St. 799D Accident, Babcock Rd. +Cows out, Hwy. 45 N. +Accident, Hornsby Rd. +Funeral Escort +Citations: 1

911 Calls 3-5 + East Main + Medical 3-6 + North Second St. + Wrong No. 3-6 + 21 Avenue Rd. + Domestic 3-7 + Highway 27 + Accident 3-7 + Pine St. + Domestic 3-7 + 112 South Third St. + Suicide Threat 3-9 + Bush Dairy Rd. + Field Fire 3-9 + Brown Rd. + Medical 3-9 + Grassy Flats Rd. + Hang-up 3-9 + Fourth St. + Hang-up 3-10 + West Pine + Medical 3-10 + Wacaser Rd. + Medical 3-11 + E. Main St. + Medical 3-11 + Cell + Hang-up

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