2007-03-14 / Public Safety



Jimmy McEntyre of Colquitt stated that he was having problems with Major Patterson.

McEntyre stated that Patterson was kicking him out of his house when he turned and hit him. He stated they were fighting when Patterson's girlfriend, Jarica Peterson, jumped on his back.

He stated that she scratched him on his back and his chest, then hit him on the right side of his face.

Photographs were taken of injuries, which were consistent with what he had stated.

He had deep scratch marks on his back and on his chest (which was bleeding).

McEntyre wished to take a warrant and was told how to obtain one.

Officer Daniel John Stone was the reporting officer.


On March 5, 2007, Officer Lonnie Wade was dispatched to the Kangaroo Express in reference to a gas drive-off.

When he arrived, the officer spoke with Melissa Williams, the cashier, who wanted to file a report.

The statements were taken, and the case is still ongoing.


Ashley Sammon of Colquitt stated that she laid her cell phone down at Cotton Hall and when she returned, the phone was missing.

Officer Daniel John Stone was the reporting officer.



Arthur Huntley of Colquitt was charged with possession/ manufacturing of controlled substances on March 9, 2007.

Officer Daniel John Stone was the reporting officer.


On March 10, 2007, while Officer Daniel John Stone was on patrol in the area of Milford St. and Fourth St., he heard a vehicle coming south on Milford St. with loud music that could be heard well over 100 feet.

The officer stopped the vehicle at Milford St. and Bethel St.

He spoke with the driver, Katie E. Austin of Attapulgus and asked for license and proof of insurance.

Austin stated she had no license and that it had been suspended.

Officer Stone had 911 run a check on Austin's license, and it came back suspended as of October 17, 2006, for serious violations under the age of 21.

Austin was placed under arrest and transported to the Sheriff's Office and booked.


Latisha Butler of Colquitt stated that a new white Dodge Durango driven by a male pumped $41.46 in gas and drove off toward town, without paying.

The area was checked for the vehicle, but couldn't be found.

Officer Daniel John Stone.


Carol F. Newberry of Colquitt was backing up in a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado and misjudged her clearance, thus striking Kendall Miranda Ward's vehicle (a 2007 Chevrolet Impala) on the front bumper with her trailer hitch.

This caused minor damage to Ward's vehicle and no damage to Newberry's.

No reports of any injured on scene, and no citations were issued.

Officer Daniel John Stone was the reporting officer.


On March 10, 2007, Felix Kimbrel Jr. of Colquitt called the sheriff's office in reference to a lost cell phone.

Kimbrel stated that while working in the field, he lost his cell phone, but was unsure of the location.


Jeremy Wayne Weeks of Brinson was traveling south on Georgia Hwy 1/Hwy 27 North.

A deer ran in front of his vehicle, a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. Weeks was not able to avoid the collision and struck the deer with the front passenger side of his vehicle.

Sgt. Dale Glover was the reporting officer.


On March 4, 2007, Donny Roland of Donalsonville stated that his cell phone had been stolen or lost.

Roland had been on a fishing trip on the Chattahoochee River. When he returned home, he couldn't find his cell phone.

Deputy Shane Rathel was the reporting officer.


On March 5, 2007, Deputy Shane Rathel was dispatched to Hornsby Rd. in reference to a hit and run accident. Max Dustin Rackley, of Iron City, reported that the person ran into a bridge and left the scene of the accident.

When the deputy arrived, he noticed a 1977 blue F-150 at the south end of the Bridge with considerable damage.

Upon investigation, Deputy Rathel concluded that when the driver came onto the bridge, he lost control and traveled to the west side and over corrected, causing the left rear corner of the truck to strike to guardrail, causing the vehicle to cross onto the other side of the bridge and striking the guardrail almost head-on.

The vehicle then traveled down the east guardrail to the end of the bridge, coming to rest almost in the ditch.


On March 9, 2007, Deputy Shane Rathel was dispatched to the Petro to witness the return of property from Sheu Jones of Valdosta to Brad Belk.

Jones brought the property to the store that Bell owns and returned it. The things belonged to Bell's mother that weren't settled in the will. Deputy Rathel checked off all property that was returned and logged it on a sheet.

All parties received a copy of the items returned.

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