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Board of Education meets for hiring

by MCL Staff Writer

The Miller County Board of Education met in their regular session Monday evening, March 12.

The meeting was opened by Chairperson Leroy Bush and the agenda was adopted. After some discussion and while waiting for member Pickle to go over his packet and vote, BOE member Vicki Merritt stated that for the record, the Miller County Liberal had wrongly stated how the meeting of February 15 went. She stated that instead of BOE member Sheila Freeman voting "No" to a motion to accept the recommendation of Superintendent Robbie Phillips to hire all of the administrators, Freeman voted to abstain.

After going over the minutes that were in the packet, all BOE members voted to approve them with Sheila Freeman voting to abstain from the February 12 meeting because of her absence.

Editor Terry Toole was not at the meeting at that time, but later stated that tape recordings of the proceeding were available as to the 2-1 vote with Chairman Bush abstaining.

BOE member Freeman did not comment on the motion.

The BOE then went into over an hour and onehalf "executive session" on personnel.

They came out of "executive session" or closed meeting and took care of all the 15 items of business in eight minutes, and adjourned.

All of the teachers and personnel for all three schools were hired that were recommended by the principals, including Principal of the Miller County Elementary School, who has not been rehired. The superintendent recommended certified personnel that were recommended from all schools. A copy of those hired will be published in the next edition.

Those present were told of an ad was to run in the next edition of the Liberal to give anyone a chance to sign up who wished to serve in the vacated seat on BOE in District 3, for the unexpired term. All interested parties must sign up on or before March 21. The applicants would be interviewed and a new member would be appointed at a later date. There are already five or six qualified residents of that district that have said that they are willing to serve on this BOE to represent the people in District 3.

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